Where are you from, how long have you been in the fire service, what made you join?
I'm from Voorheesville, NY, I just had my one year anniversary with my FD, and I joined not just for the adrenaline rush, although that's part of it; I joined because I work for a firematic association, and I got tired of feeling guilty for not joining.

Wish I'd done this YEARS ago, I love it.

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Hi I am Denise and I am from Bernville Fire Co 29 in Bernville, Pa . I am with the dept about 1 1/2 years now. I joined because my boyfriend is very involved since he was little and I would go with him so I joined and I mainly am there doing the photography and fund raisers. I am currently taking my hazmat and will be taking my essentials this year along with firefighter 1 eventually. I absolutely love it.
Hi im Dennis from spring lake Nj i been in the fire department for 33yrs.now i am 4th gen.in the fire service love it
Hi my name is Bill, I am not a Probie, but willing to give any and all sugestions to those who are in here.. I am a 30+ year veteran of the fire service from in Dutchess County, NY and will gladly talk with anyone willing to talk. I joined back in 1979 to become helpful in my community and yes I am still a proud member of the Roosevelt Fire District today.

As I stated above I am here in the Probie Corner to help anyone out there with any questions of how is was, how is it going and anything else you feel need to ask. No one is an expert on firefighting, and anyone that tells you they are is the one to stay away from. Firefighting is not a hobby, nor a social event or something that anyone should take lightly and we all can learn from each other and all are always learning, so don't ever let yourself think you are an expert in firefighting.
Gosh darn it Mary Ellen, see what you went and started now... You have some of us older veterans in here in your group, which is not a bad thing cause as Capt 723 already said we can maybe we can do something to help the younger generation of firefighters that are coming in...

Great job Mary Ellen, I hope we all can help each other and will strengthen the fire service in our owns ways.

TTYL ;-)

I am Shawn and I am with the Allison#2 Volunteer Fire Department in Allison#2 Pa.

I have been in the fire service for 20+ years Will be 21 in March.

I joined as a junior when I was sixteen years old following my dad , oldest sister, and four older brothers in. When my youngest sister turned sixteen she joined "Family Tradition". But I have to say the main reason is that I love helping people when they need it most.
My name is Mike Campbell and after six years as a volunteer I do not know it all. From what I have seen, moving up in status requires a know it all attitude. Some days I believe I know less than the day before. So, just to self-actualize, my name is Mike Campbell and I am a probie.
Hey, I'm Jeff, just a creaky old-guy with almost 30 years (May 09) doing this stuff. I accepted Mel's invite and really enjoy trying to help "Newbie's" get acclimated to the best job in the world. To me, if we start our people off "doin' it the right way" from the start, they will usually make us proud.
I grew up around the fire service, and it's truly "in my blood". Good or bad, that's my story. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Hello, I'm Joe and I am in my 27th year as a volunteer firefighter probie; I have also been a NYS certified EMT-Basic for the past 20 years. I'm currently 1st Assistant Chief with the Bristol VFD in beautiful Bristol, NY.

I delight in sharing my experience with others who want to learn this very interesting business. I also like to learn new things about firefighting and this site is a great place to do just that.
Mike Deniger
15 years of firefighting
Hope Valley Wyoming Fire Department R.I.
4th generation firefighter

I believe you can be genetically pre-engineered to be a firefighter through heredity. Smoke and heat run through these veins from WAyyyyyyy back when.
Rich B.
Lyndon Fire Department
Louisville, KY

Coming up on 14 years in the fire service, the first half of which was volunteer service.

First generation firefighter. Something always drew me to public service. Glad I found out what it was.

Met a lot of good people. Made a lot of great friends.
Hi I'm George, the Chief of a small 120 man career department in south eastern PA. I started as a Jr. FF in the late 60's. In the career service since 1980. Still love the job as much as I did when I started. When I don't get the rush anymore I'll retire.
hmmmm......28 members....2 probies.
Yup, that pretty much mirrors real life.

Glad to have EVERYONE on here. The more the merrier.


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