many new people have problems with claustrophobia while having there scba mask on.just get used to them.

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This so far in my time has been my biggest obsticle...I feel like I can't breath..
I have done this two ways..with the blackout and clear..the blackout was ok for a bit,. we were in a house crawling made it upstairs and then lost it...breathing became eratic and out of control and had to get out..

the second scenaro was in the same with the vision clear...not good either...same result..
I am currently trying to wear as much as possible and hoping this far I dont feel it is much better..
I am a Probational FF so this is a major obsticle that I must get over. As for now I am not internal I am outside operations and this will not change until I show complete and total comfort with scba..
guys (and gals) there is nothing "natural about" wearing an SCBA or scuba, either... with SCUBA you will know right away whne you freak and rip your mask off, and often with SCBA if you freak and rip off that mask you will know just like under water, but other times you won't know what sorts of Damage you are doing to yourself....
If possible, get a small group ON air and do a couple of minor senerios when you get down to almost Vibralert time, every one sit down, relax and each person including the ones who tend to freak TRY TO CONTROL Your breathing, try to relax and get as much time out of that bottle as you are able to.. Think about this..IF You were to get tangled up and unable get free and gettin Panicy is going to happen , you Need to control your self because you need to try to preserve your air supply .. with Training Humans have held they're breath for quite extended times In deep /free diving, so the human body is capable of some pretty cool stuff with a) training and strength of mind b) Practice... so when a control person times your exercise on air, and Calls everyone down, you lay back and try to slow and control your breathing dont try to hold your breath but make it slow and methodical, you may be quite surprised to see what you Can do, and with practice how much you can improve, this will help to make you more comfortable in the SCBA... Makes you realize what Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren as well as all the other astronauts have to go through... Imagine driving around the moon and having the sudden feeling come on thats the ultimate , no? wore them for 35 years

I must be weird, I asked to put the mask on and train, and I know simulated training is diff from real world but when i got my scba on full gear and a tank on i felt at home. the mask felt like a natural extension of myself, this is what I was meant to do, I drilled ran steps crawled up them, crawled under the trucks to simulate enclosed spaces ect. when my tank alarm went off simulating 5 mins of air...i asked if i could see how long i could conserve it i.e. as if i was trapped or hurt in a firefighter down situation. simulated a mayday call and sounded my pass alarm, it takes on average based on a univ. of phoenix study 22 mins to conduct a RIT rescue. so I extended that 5 mins of emergency air into a good 15 extra mins. a 20 min tank into 35 mins. i didnt take he mask and tank off til i ran it dry. granted this was in training, in real world scenerio inside a burning structure with flames smoke victims to locate ceiling and floor collasping, i may not be ale to be calm enough to stretch my oxygen that far.


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