I am still going through my basic training to become a vollie, so I know enough to be dangerous. But, whenever I hear of scenario I like to try and learn why it was done.


The scenario; A husband builds gas powered model planes in his attached garage and also smokes in there. After finishing for the evening he thinks he extinguished his last smoke, but it goes on to start a fire and apparently blows up the two kerosene tanks on the plane he was building. Luckily, the garage was sealed and the fire doesn't spread, but this leads to a backdraft scenario in the garage. The family self evacuate and call 911. So, I was wondering how that could be attacked.



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First you have to verticly vent the roof and from there you can attack it as you normaly would.
any Backdraft situation ventilate vertically at the Highest point and BIG The Problem with this senerio is Construction, if the Portion of the house (is "new enough) they The Charred affect through any trusses is going to be a problem..Because the residence was Occupied, You might be able to learn that X number of hours ago, is when he went to bed.... other times of the day It might not be as apparent. Going back about 1982(ish) we took in a fire reported to be out it was in a typical 60's split level 3 bedroom Ranch, doing a quick walkabout noticed some Darkened Glass, walked around back and the basement slider was stained and the smoke/heat was hot enough to condense on the glass.. WE called to establish a water supply we didnt have Hydrants in the area though this house was furthest in this small 2 street development from a 10,000 Pond... The Chief arrived and began yapping about opening up, not know the full story... we knew these houses were Joist Construction 2 of us went to the roof with a roof ladder , hoods and a pair of pickheads we popped a sheet of plywood and vented as the attack line move in Via the rear slider. Total text book the superheated Gasses ignited 6-12 inches Above the actual roof opening and Blow torched about 30' in the air (haha)the gasses inside had burned off all the oxygenand the fire actually burned itself 99.9989 burned itself out the heat was unbeleiveable. its amazing it didn't get just a little more oxygen,,lol


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