What do you do when you got members who won't train but htink they are the Sh@&!!! They think they are the greatest firemen in the area. The highest training they have is Essentials!!! They don't realize how much they don't know and need to learn.

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If you have an SOG regarding attending trainings and drills, you don't let them play until they practice.

I'm pretty sure brain surgeons know a LOT more information than other doctors, but they are still required to attend continuing education for the same reasons firefighters are - to LEARN. You never know so much as when you admit that you don't know it all.

Another option is to involve that person into the training program. When they begin interrupting or rolling their eyes, tell them to come to the front and begin to assist. Help them learn how to train others, rather than strut their stuff without evidence of their knowledge.
thanx I thought about that myself or maybe just putting them on the spot.!!! I will try it and let you know!!!!! again thanx!!!!
I agree with Jeff. I have some staff like that and I had each of them come up with a drill on a type of building construction to present to the rest of us. It work out really good. I learned alot that I had forgotten and so did the rest.

Thanx I think Ill try that!!! I'll let you know what happens!!
i have the same problem with an advisor. i am a squad leader, my advisor puts on a radio ops class. there were several problems with it, for one she did it with out a dispatcher which i volunteered my father a communications officer with the fire dept and a regional ems dispatcher, second i answer questions alot because the advisor did not know the answer, well some of our officers decided to make fun of me and call me a know it all. i admit there is a lot to lean in this field and i just got started. then a person with no training and 3 months in the post tells me a 2 1/2 year explorer with a first responder license how to do stuff. but what i do is with the members is talk to the advisor and the problems with the advisor i ignore because they are nothing.
How bout the time they ran in to that house without checking the floor when there was nearly one there.
I have to agree with Christian. One thing you have to remember also is “even a blind squirrel can find a nut” listen and see what they are saying and include them in the training. You may find some of these people can turn out to be your best if you guide them correctly and then some you just have to kick to the curb and say when you grow up come back. You learn everyday, every call if you don't it is time to go somewhere else.

I've put guys on the spot before.....when I'm up front teaching.  So what about this,  FF Jones?? 

or "how about if you come up to the front of the room and explain to the rest of the guys, FF Smith??"

usually thats met by...."No, thanks, Cap, all set....."


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