How can you get the troops to train if you can't get the Chiefs to?

I'm desperately trying to train my guys, but some think they already know it all and some just won't and some are new and don't know better. I try to push the issue but I don't get any support from the white helmets. They don't want to train really anymore and they won't push or encourage the issue cause they are afraid of upsetting people and loseing them. I claim that if that the case then they shouldn't be here. any advice on how to encourage my guys and more importantly my chiefs to train?

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It is a shame but happens all over the country, people figure they already know everything and the new ones want to be like the others so if the veteran FF says training is lame, the rookie will say the same thing just to fit in. This is how I would pose it to your white helmets...If they are afraid of upsetting people and loosing them then the SHOULD do training, there is NOTHING more upsetting than loosing a fellow brother or sister in a call because they did not have the proper training. Besides if members are going to quit because they don't want to train, would you really want to keep them? Fight for the training, loose a few of the "chaff" and while your numbers may be smaller, the quality of your remaining providers will be much better, which will result in company pride and a reputation that will in turn attract more quality providers.
My thoughts exactly. But I can't get the Chiefs to agree. Thanx for your opinion, Great stuff.
I think one of the reasons that Chief's don't want to train themselves is that in position and function they are above the level of most in house training. Add that to the fact that as an officer, they are usually having to conduct the training and may not want to be seen as just a fellow student.

One idea that I have had, but that I have not been able to implement yet, is the idea of monthly officer's training sessions. To make this work most of the membership IS NOT INVITED. My plan is to use the skills and talents of the existing officers to conduct most of the drills, but limit it to the officers and possibly a few senior firefighters who often act as officers. This way no one appears weak or less knowledgeable.
I wish there was an easy answer. We have talked about this before. And all I know to say about it is, lead by example and hopefully some will follow.
this is a big problem in my fire dept what i do is i tell everyone that there will be food after . witch works great ! usally tif the chiefs here that they come ! thanks , andrew
Here is my take on this.

Chief officers do, periodically, need to physically train next to the membership. This is especially important when the department has purchased a new tool or piece of equipment, or is implementing a new tactic, such as VES or RIT, or is making some type of operational change which requires physical hands-on retraining. In those cases, even though the Chief officers are far less hands-on than they membership, they do need to understand how a new tactic or tool actually works and need to do it to the level of not necessarily profeciency, but at least familiarity.

As far as "rountine" skills training, the Chief officers need to be involved, either or the delivery level or as safety officers or moniters. And yes, this does mean packing out now and then, even if is just to keep an eye on what is happening on the burn building or supervising vrews on the nozzle at a live car fire drill.

Note I didn't say they had to perform those routine skills as the job they perform is now command-level in nature, but they do need to be involved in drill activities. The members need to see that they are performing thier role at company level dril,ls, either as instructors or moniters.

However, the members do need to understand that there is training that the Chiefs need to be involved in that should go on beyond the drill ground, both in-house and out-of-house. This type of training and education, and there is a difference is essentail to the department operations, and in needs to occur in departments of all sizes.


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