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I'd buy new gear for our department....and maybe buy a couple cops too :)
I'd spend a lot of it on women, booze and power tools...the rest I'd just piss away!
I like the way you think Reg!
Technically, you're not nekkid if you're still wearing socks.

Unless you've got gnarly feet, lose the socks! ;)
I have very sexy feet ;-)

and based upon your theory ... I can go to work only in my socks and defend that I am indeed NOT nekkid at work ;-)

and since Rod LOVES sox - I felt it only appropriate that he should have what he likes
No need to bother with the backhoe...
just bring it on over to my house...
I will prepare the burial...
while you rest...
1 - My kids.
2 - My wife and mine's "Cruise ship vacation habit".
3 - New log home on existing property (a la "Extreme Makeover") with residential and wildfire sprinklers.
4 - New 'his and her' SUV's, ATV's, Snowmobiles, etc.
5 - Back to college (and maybe even university) for me.
6 - New trucks for our F.D.
7 - Security to protect me from the drug dealers that want their money back after they get out of jail!!! LOL =)
I am already rotten to the core...
so there is not much left to spoil...

but I do like some hot action adventure in my life...
so if you are setting up some naughty adventures...
I'll bring my spoiled little self right over ;-)
Im in the happy business LOL
I have a wife and two teen daughters, Im sure they already have a plan. If there is any left i may corrupt a few of the guys by " supporting single mothers and college students", then a few toys!
My own:
Squad Unit
Rescue Unit
Station-5 bays
Every Firefighter Book, DVD, T-Shirt,
Custom Made Radio Control Tanker,Engine, Rescue Unit
Firefighter wall paper
Highest Training possible

Then I will give some $$ to my local vollies
None of the above. You are a lovely lady who needs to be taken very good care of. No need for the thong, you'll be getting plenty without. Taking care of you comes first. ;o)


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