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that's not what I am talking about... but your answer is funny too...

In the U.S. all of those are legitimate FF terms and actions...

laying hose line - water source to fire OR fire to water source - thus the terms forward or reverse lay

it is funny how so many FF terms and actions can also illustrate naughtiness - but then again with this group of minds - everything is naughty...
You are correct...

it is always important to keep all of your firefighting skills sharp...
don't tell me, it was # 69... of course not, probably 96....
what did one fire hose say to the other fire hose?
let's get laid....
in the great words of Shania Twain...

Honey, I'm Home
and I've had a hard day

Pour me a cold one
and oh, by the way

Rub my feet
and get me something to eat
Fix me up my favorite treat


HMMMMMMM...... so when we women walk into our homes and say "Honey I'm Home" and ask our men "Whatcha Up To?" and our men respond "Nothing!" we really should be asking "Have Fun?" and then apologize for rushing your chore process...
I was. You were.

Worth it !!!
I would love to be a fly on the wall in one of your counseling sessions......
come on over - you can have the sofa - you don't need to settle for resting on a wall

my 2 favorites are play therapy and sex therapy. For you - I am willing do both.

btw I specialize in ptsd and other anxiety d/o if buzzing around is stressing you out !!!
I'll set up an appt. for the 1st 2 specialties....I already have a MD for my PTSD..and it ain't from buzzin'
I was wondering if anyone else noticed the church in the background!
Of course I did Lee, that's why I took the picture with the sign, I tried to get the No
Parking sign, but the battery was weak...
Well all I have to say is at those speeds you better make sure you hit the right road or there will be some trouble in the horizon for both parties.Bound to be something put out of alignment!!!


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