Why are we rank in the top 3 in fire deaths for the U.S.? How can we change this?

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better/more as close to real as you can get training... try to see past the tunnel (tunnel vision) better communications, better scene surveys... and more training... this is just my opinion!!
If there was enough funding (Oh theres that dirty word again) then all the counties and cities in the state could and should have paid departments so there would be quicker responce times to the scene and there should be more public education on fire safety.
in my expirence ruralfire trainning has become more difficult to do you cant burn houses for trainning like we used to be able to a hole lot of red tape toclear just to do oe and lots of stipulations to boot. it really makes it hard to make a simulation of a workig lived in house fire when you have so much red tape togo through. communications and equipment is another issue a lot of rural depts. either dont have the equipment they need or its so old and worn that it isnt safe to use on a fire scene. these are some of the issues facing us in the rural fire service today that makes our job more dangerous than it has to be!!!!!!
better training is a must better local government support for funding and other needs they think that they can just throw money at you at budget time if you even have a buget and and thats the end of seeing you till next year and then they get mad when you need more or go over budget but money cant fix all problems better mentors for the new flock of rokeys and better understanding of new sop's and traing material and the next best thing to burning a house is not to burn it just smoke out the face pice with wax paper and use a hose line with the bale tide closed and a gumball light as the fire thats were you kinda have to get inventive or try to get them to the school and keep them in school
Good Ideas Matt, I am a voly in our county and it is like pulling teeth to get class in session. Lucky enough I have some paid FF that also volunteer so I drive them nuts with questions and what ifs. But in my department I am a diehard Squirel, and most of the volies due it for the shirt and discounts and some of them just know it all. Most of the guys that know about something dont want to teach a bunch know it all heros. But a few believe that a true to life structure fire is not always the best place for class. I will pass this along for some training. Thanks JT
Training appears to be the answer from most of you. Maybe I can help. Check out the site and let me know if there is anything we can do for you. Stay Safe. PTB-FTM
This type of discussion will be useful to change fire deaths. My suggestion is to start this type of discussion world wide and you can find the better remedy for this.
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