Why did you join the fire dept. the real reason?. My reason is because of my brother he OD and was unconsious and cold we called 911 two medic's showed up and the fire chief and 1 other volunteer . They needed more help and kept paging out are station . Finally a station from Virginia Beach showed up to assist and they got him out on life flight . That's when i realized that more people were needed at the fire dept. and about a week later the chief approched me and asked if i wanted to join so i took him up on it . And here i am in the academy getting trained . But that's my deal what's your's ?.

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In my town, the firemen seem to be celeberties and thats what I thought they were until a few years ago. Being in a small town, several people seem to enjoy makeing fun of us sayin we dont know what we're doin, or we never run calls. But getting to the point, I've always idolized my local firefighters and took full advantage when the opportounity cAme to me to join and here I am today....
I joined the fire company because I grew up there it was the natural thing for me to do. I am a third generation firefighter and along with that my great great grandfather was a founding father of the Bernville Chemical Company in the mid 1850's. So tradition and a love for the job and the comradery with fellow firefighters even those from other companies would have to be my answer.
Funny that's the same feeling my mom has about me . I to want to be a paid police officer and a volunteer firefighter which i am a FF . After i finish the fire academy i want to go ahead and enroll into the police academy.
For me I grew up with my dad, grandpa, and great grandpa all being on the fire department in town. When I was little I loved going to the station with dad. Back then it was all about the big trucks with lights and sirens. I got a job at a small business in town and my boss was the fire chief. The day I turned 18 he asked if I wanted to be on and I took him up on the offer without hesitation. Now here I am 3 years later going to college for firefighting...
My dad has been on department 40years had 2 uncles and a cousin on at one time. Then i joined and my little brother shortly after. So i think it might be in my blood.
My husband got me into it. Truthfully, I never thought I would be doing this, but now I realize it was somewhat of a calling. The need to help people is what drives me.
My "deal"...lol....was an overturned vehicle in front of my land when two drag racers decided to "play the fool",with one vehicle rolling over. I ran out to help,being a former police officer,I helped a victim extricate the vehicle.Shortly after,the FD arrived on scene and did the normal assessment.After all was said and done,and I had given the State Patrol My info,the Asst.Chief asked if I would be interested in the department.Having just moved into the township,I jumped at the opportunity.A year later,I was a Firefighter/EMT serving and giving back to the community I had hardly known.I firmly believe one has to have the "heart and soul" of a public servant to give of oneself without the necessity of any recognition. A true hero gives of themselves without fanfare,and my hats off to all who sacrifice in the service of others.By the way....Us "Donnie's" have to stick together...LOL.And a big brother on a department in the Florida panhandle helped push things along........God's speed and please,stay safe out there!
Well, one, my dad was in it since i was little. Two, I've always had a thing for lights and sirens. Three, I use to watch Emergency all the time when I was a kid. Four, I always wanted to be a superhero or a rock star or something. But once I became an adult, my dad told me to try it out. After I got out of the service and worked a few years down in Virginia at a sawmill, my wife and I moved back up here to Pa. and I decided to give it a try. I've been a sucker ever since. There has been times when I've been mad and said I'm done, but that doesn't work when its in your blood as you well know. When the tones go off or the siren blows, I've gotta go. I know I became a EMT because we were lacking them, and it drove me nuts to wait forever for a EMT to show up. Today is different though with the ambulance. We have one of the best response times in Potter County. Not due to me of course, but because of the dedication from everyone. I really wish I knew that I loved this back when I was younger. I would have made it my profession, but oh well. I would like to do a career change now in my life and have it be somewhere in the field of firefighting or ems. Any ideas or suggestions?
I joined because i was always around firetruck, the firehouse, or at calls when i was younger. Its also a family tradition.
It's always been in my blood, I guess. My dad, uncle, father-in-law, cousin, and granddad were all volunteers. It took me a while to join, as the "old man" kept trying to discourage me. He felt that the way things are done now are wrong since they didn't have the modern stuff in the '40s and '50s, when he was active. When I decided to enter Nursing School, I finally made the leap. I felt that I would learn things in the field that would help me in my new career, so my primary interest was, and still is, the EMS aspect. However, I'm hooked on the "whole enchilada" now!
I actually started with the red cross after hurricane katrina. i just felt like i wanted to help somehow. well, i never made it to the gulf. i ended up teaching first aid/cpr classes, and another instuctor had in her "spiel" that she used to be afraid of blood and trauma but now is an emt- the more you know, the less afraid you become. i asked her why did she become an emt and she said that she was always stuck doing the accounting jobs with the red cross, thought having the medical background would get her better jobs. so, i followed suit. when i went to the fire dept interview, they asked me if i was interested in firefighting as well. i was a little surprised (being a female and all), they said that anyone can do it as long as they take and pass the training. so i did. i found that emergency services is what i have been looking for. and don't tell.... i like firefighting way better than ems.... i discovered that i am an adrenaline junkie- i am also involved in search and rescue & wildland firefighting
My reason for joining was all wrong. Acouple of yrs ago my dad and I went through a time were we did speak to eachother so I joined so we would have somthing in commen> he was on the local dept for 8 yrs and I just wanted to make him proud. Then oneday i woke up and realized that I loved it.

So here Iam 2yrs later enlisting in the coast guard inorder to go to school for this and make it my career. kind weird but now all I want to do is help peaple. stay safe all.


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