I am wondering how the rest of you deal with the child shuffle when you get a call...What is your opinion on bringing a child to the scene? How do you manage care for them during those times?

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Where I work, it's out of the question to bring my daughter on fire runs.

Where I volunteer is a different story. I got permission through the chief to allow her to sit in the engine or to take pictures from a distance. She carries my cell phone and I purchased a cairns helmet for her and some small boots so that at least her head and feet are protected. I do not take her on runs that sound like fatalities are involved, however, she did see me do cpr on a dog who ended up dying anyway and that bothered her somewhat. I think it is okay to bring a child to a scene if A) you have your department's permission and B) your child is prepared and C) you have worked out clearcut rules for on-scene behavior such as where to stand/sit, etc. Hope that helps!
Yes, it has been similar with my son. He has been on several calls, and knows how to behave and what is expected. He used to ride in the truck til the insurance policy changed, then I would take POV when we got a call. I am not sure what the policy will be on the new department yet. I have run into some very strong opinions against it from outsiders though, so just wanted other opinions..Thanks for you r reply. I dont feel like such a terrible parent now..LOL there is still a whole lot of room for comments though..LOL
Hey Windy

I don't know how old your kids are but I won't take them to the scene with you. Now my boys are teenagers now but when they were younger I would let them hang out at the station while I was on the call. We have a TV and a computer that they could play with. And there's always a couple guys that didn't make the truck so there was someone around to keep an eye on them. But they know the couldn't be goofing off while I was out on a call. Plus, I would keep snakes in the frig for them to munch on too. Don't give up, they do get older and they'll be telling you soon they want to be a fire fighter too. John
Tough call, Our dept, we don't take children to the scene.. sometimes they stay at the firehouse, but in my situation, if I don't have a sitter, I don't go on the call
my son is 7 now, so I wouldnt leave him at the fire house unless there was someone there, but I think it is going to work out so that I can be on call during the times he is in school, and I am working on my school work. I have signed up for a couple of my courses to be online, and telecourses this term, so, it will make it fairly easy to be on call while my son is elsewhere. I am thinking i can even do my courses at the station. We lived in the fire station for 3 1/2 years of his life, so he is pretty good about being around all that happens. as for feeding him snakes..hmmm I dont know! ;o) lol
I am so sorry to hear about your situation! I can't even imagine how tough that must be. If you ever need to vent or talk, I am a few clicks of the button away...Best of luck to ya.
Same here. Sorry, but kids have to come first.


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