Ok, I admit, Im not the smartest person in the world for moving to this HOLE! But, I do live here right now and I cant get away. Is there any other female firefighters from this neck of the woods? Please let me know and we can chat. Heck even if your not from anywhere near here, give me a shout!



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Hey Harry:

Great Topic Title... I grew up in Vermont... so I feel like I have some street credit to empathize with your situation... so here is my warm welcome...

So not sure if I should point out that I am currently in SUNNY Southern California where it is a chilly 80 F degrees... so I am sending a little heat your way to warm you...

Thank you Heather from bottom of my frozen little heart! We currently have about 4-5" of that white stuff on the ground. Im hating every minute of it.
Frozen Little Heart - that sounds very Wizard of Oz - oh wait, that is heart less.... but I digress...

So do tell... where are you and what are you doing there and why are you TRAPPED there so you can not leave?

And WHY has the 4-5" of snow devastated you so... ???

What has gotten you into the Cold Winter Blues ???

Come join the FFN group the Back Room Crew - we will chase away those blues in no time flat...
Thanks again Heather! I am in a small town known as Harbor Springs, Michigan. (www.HSAFD.org) Its a nice town, a place that many come to in the summer for boating, fishing, pretty much all around relaxing. Alot, not as many as summer, come here in the winter to ski and take in the winter sights. My fire department has the honor of serving over 172 square miles, much of that is forest. We have an airport that we also have to take fare of, small planes and such. I guess I shouldnt say that I am "trapped" here but in a matter of speaking I am. Its a long story as to how I arrived here but I am saying that it would be in my best interest that I do not leave. Its not easy to find other jobs right now and at my age I dont think I should attempt to seek one.
You ask why the snow has me devastated so? Why the winter blues? If anyone enjoys being in their home without any family closer than 850 miles, and just nothing else to do other than watch tv, with no one to talk with at all, then my congrats to them. They are a better person than I am. I was not brought up in this area, I was brought up in New Jersey. I was taken out of my "element" by a woman who I thought was going to be "the one for me" and she found someone on the internet and moved to California. There you are! Any other questions?
OK let me see if I can keep up.

Harbor Springs AWESOME during the summer! slower during the winter...

Do you ski or other snow sports? If not, WHY not? perhaps it is time to learn a new hobby?

Yes - job market sucks for everyone across the country - so you are hanging out in a crowded boat...

Yes - I hear ya, my family lives 3000 miles away. I am closer to my computer of late, than to my family. So I have to work pretty hard to make sure to invest in new relationships - get to know my neighbors - and get involved in many aspects of my community.... otherwise quickly one can end up married to their job...

As far as being trapped - I don't think so. You should be proud that you made a series of choices for the one that you loved... that is admirable... assuming of course that you are not a literal kidnapped at gunpoint victim who was duct taped and thrown in a trunk of a car and "taken out of your element"... AND if you really are a kidnap victim - wink twice and I will contact the FBI to execute a search and rescue party to find you...

and if you need some help with you attacker... let me know... because I know people who could help ;-) with that situation...

But you should be proud that you found someone to love - even for a season - many people never experience that in their entire lives... And you should feel proud that you were able to stand up and make tought decisions to commit to building your relationship - that makes you a great catch for the next girl that catches your eye.

A life does not come to you - you must go out and build it ;-)

And as far as moving - if your heart has returned to Jersey - it sounds like you have discovered your first step in your plan - get yourself back to your heart !!! A job will come up - have some faith! But life is too short to suffer detached from your heart !

And as far as internet fun - wander through the FFN pages and start inviting people to be your friends on here - soon you will be so busy, you will beg to get out of your house. LOL

Hey how close are you to Berrien Springs - some of my best friends live there?

And what types of entities are in your community? What other cities are nearby?

LOL - did I ask enough questions...?
Well, in reply to your question as to where is Berrien Springs, its at the other end of the state. Im as north in the lower peninsula as you can get. The "other woman" that I moved here for, she has gone out of my mind (but not out of my pocket book, yeah I did something really dumb and co-signed a loan for her) Heather, I have no "plan" to get out of here, she has ruined my credit, I have no one to be with during the holidays, I just cannot stand to be cold. Its seems the only other "things to do up here is drink, fish, and cheat on your wife. None of which I would do. Its pretty much a hopeless case here. Ill try and chat with others, thanks for the invite.


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