Our Dept uses the Dump and Pump system. Portable dump tanks and tankers. Water source is a dry hydrant, static source or on one end of the dist (5%) fire hydrants. Our neibors choose to use 2500-3000 tankers. Our guys if asked what is a fire hydrant used for the answer is filling tankers. They are few and far bettween.

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We have 2 tankers...one a 2400gallon and the second a "super tanker" 6000 gallons...In our county there is what we call a "tanker task force"...If you have a need you call for the task force in your sector then predetermined Departments roll their tankers to help supply the needed water...Every Department has predetermined waterpoints or draft sites throughout their coverage areas...portable ponds are set up and the tankers run relays for water supply.....works pretty well.....
My department has a 4,500 gallon tanker the other 6 departments have smaller or larger tankers. We(all of the departments-vollie and career) rely solely on dry hydrants-except for one water tower(sort of centerally located). There is a dry hydrant in my family's pond. Many if not all of the citizens that have ponds or other bodies of water have dry hydrants. Any stores that open up have to have a retention pond which is then fitted with a dry hydrant.
Well we have fire hydrants in many locations,but whenever we have a fire and we're not near a hydrant we get or give mutual aide to one of our local departments.And when in doubt we also have a foam system on our truck and if we're near a creek or stream we can pump water with our mini pumper.So far since I've been a member of our Volunteer department we've been pretty lucky to be near a hydrant.Most of the time we're the ones giving mutual aide to other counties close by.I hate to brag but we're good at what we do.
My department has a Mutual Aid Agreement with 4 other departments in our area. If its a structure fire, everyone responds due to lack of hydrants & the fact that some have been found to have been cut down at the valve restricting flow to the hydrant.
Our engine carries 1000 gallons with a 1250gpm pump. We have a 3000 gal tanker/tender with a 750 gpm pump as well as a brush truck with 300 gal. one department in the mutual aid has a 3200 gal tanker, another has a 2500 gal tanker, and still another has a 1500 gal tanker. That doesn't count what their engines & brush trucks hold.

Our assistant chief is the manager for our water system. He is reluctant to let us pump from a hydrant due to the strength of the lines. He's afraid someone inexperienced will let the vaccum drop too low and collapse a line. If we were to use a plug he wants either himself or me on the pump. We usually use a tanker shuttle using plugs for a fill point.

We have a 1500 gallon tanker and use mutual aid for the shuttle. We have a 2000, 2500 and 3500 gallon tankers available from neighboring departments. If necessary we can use dump tanks with the shuttle.


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