I belong to a vol. fd consiting of 49 members 3 of us are female me being one of the most active. I do not go intierior. but i can run are tanker and rescue trucks. should I be shown any less respect then the other members on are dept. yesterday at a training I got that impression that I wasnt quite as inportain. I think everyone should be equal we are all there for the same reason. that is just my take on it but would like someone elses opion on it.

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It does not matter what your roll is we are a team. I am a interior firefighter and I know if it was not for the guys or gals running the pump I could not do my job. Each of us have a role to play to get the job done quickly and safely and in the end that is what matter. If it's really getting you talk with your Chief.
I am a volunteer FF as well. I am our only female and I am 41 years old and just became a FF 3 years ago. My guys are GREAT! I am in a FF2 class with 3 of my Dept guys as well. We all joke around and some of the younger guys call me MOM and kid me about being old but that is all it is. I won't begin to say I do it all because I am still learning and increasing my comfort level and in our Dept noone is expected to go outside their comfort level. I have trained often on interior and am now at a level that I am way ready to go in. Sometimes there are times when I can see that there is an unsure air around me but I just jump in and try my best and I think that helps them know I do LOVE what I am doing and am willing to earn their respect. Anyway I think you need to know that you are a part of the Dept and everyone in their own way has to earn the others respect female or not. It just takes us a bit longer because we are entering a man's world. And personally I feel they deserve alot of respect for that, as well as giving us females a chance....Especially this female who is also a wife, mother , grandmother, and 41! LOL Hang in there, Darling! I am pretty sure they think more of you than you know! :)
your probably right they do i tend to get stopped at lot when im at the store or out and about in town they love to chat...i just wish they wouldnt spoil my children when they see them with me LOL thats awesome at 41 you are able to become a ff my 43 yr old boyfriend is in active cause he says it bothers his knee but personally i think he finds me irressitable when im in my turn out LOL. keep in touch with me it was nice hearing from you what dept are you in ...i belong to cuba vol fire dept in western ny
I belong to Clover Fire Protection District in Woodhull, IL. Don't evn let me get started about all the aches and pains! LOL I feel for your boyfriend. :) I would love to keep in touch. My husband says he hates me on the Dept but I think he does secretly think it is pretty "HOT" no pun LOL. He had a literal fit when they called me to tell me I was voted on! " It is to dangerous" So I use that against him when he grumbles about me leaving for yet another training session LOL " Not as dangerous if I train and know how to be safer" ;)
Hi Robin;
My advice to you is, don't let the insecuritys of some of your brothers and if so, sister firefighters discourage you from doing the job that you have in you, and love to do. Male egos are sometimes a pain to deal with. But just remember, It take a very special woman to do the job in a male dominated dept. YOU GO GIRL!!! and best of luck to you.
When I was in the Army I knew women that I would rather have my back than some of the guys . If you can do your job do it with out you there to run the tanker or drive the rescue trucks they can not do their jobs . I'm on a very small vol. department we may only have 8 peaple show up to the fire and 12 menber total so everbody counts . if it like most time the ones with the problem with you on the department does not show for alot of the fire or can only do the grunt work . IS to wreckles to drive or can't run the the tanker or the pumper .


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