What is the funniest thing you did, or saw at a fire call in 2007.

For me it was a call were I was driving the jaws truck with about 3 crew members in behind me. One member ( a captain no less) had been out to eat with his family in his wifes car so his turn out gear was not with him. He asked if he could use my gear as I was driver and would be running the pump. We are about the same size but not close enough. As I am driving all I can hear is him yelling how I need to eat more junk food because my bunker pants are too tight.

Later at the call I am working the pump and the Chief walks up and asks a question. I turn to answer him and he does a double take. He is both looking at my face and looking at the scene seeing a firefighter with my name on his back at the same time. He actually asked me "are you hear or are you over there which one are you and who is that?"

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It wasn't in 2007, but a couple of years earlier. We had a Maxim 75' straight stick and responded on a mutual aid call to Berwick. Upon arrival, our chief in the command van was getting placement from the OIC. When the OIC saw us arriving with "just" the straight stick, he asked where the bucket was. My chief then turned and "yelled" at me for forgetting to put the bucket on the ladder before we left!!
well yall might not thin mine is that funny but here ya go......... we had a MVA a couple months back, 2 cars 4 patients, our ass. EMS caption looks at one of the EMT's on scene and asks him if he got a ppcr on the dog that was in the car... well he made the guy actually write up a ppcr on the dog. he got the owner to sign a release form. well we asked him how e knew the dog was ok and he said that it was licking him.. we gave the ppcr to the ems caption..


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