We have two New Arrow XT's That have been previously postedhaveingnow been in service a fewmonths and caught some work with them, we are finding a problem with the gate linkages for the rear discharges (one happens to be 2 1/2" the other 3" I have no idea who brain stormed piping them like that but anyway..) both happen to be piped to the drivers side rear the linkage goes in from the panel 16 inches and takes a right turn an 18 degree or so angle to meet the Valve, we have found getting the valve to close all the way is impossible, and the only way to get it close is using a mallet.....having clean lines on the outside has caused them to use various angles on these linkages which causes flexion rather then solid movement kind of a shame, just to make the pump panel "look nice" ,,,, One discharge (Number 1 I believe) the linkage goes in across the pump and comes back to the valve .... I am a firm believer in "KISS" even lubricated and "New" these linkages operate so so.... what will they be like when they get old and crusty? The arrow replaced a '92 Lance and the discharges on that were pretty straight forward.. No u turns or hard sideways angles so very little flexion in the linkages... Point is LOOKs are Not everything...

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I may actually rethink front suctions as opposed to rear suction after seeing the plumbing contortions in our last two Lances...
Since the last post, we've been runing these rigs, got a test comingup for engineers and in the never ending wealth of inteligence the administration decided Theywillbe used onthe practical parts of the test 31 candidates 6 actually assigned and 3 qualified on them...lol ok so doing a driving test oneof the two nearly melted down the Powersteering fluid resivioir, causeing major leakage, problem 2 excessive heat it seems has caused antifreeze resiviour cap to crack and leakagein another not so obvious hose connetced behind the altinator causing unexplained longterm usage of gallons of coolant, before being found ... That discharge issue on the other engine re-presented itself in the form of abrokedn mount behind the gauge seat.behind the panel a temp fix was tryed , parts on order, and for now the 3" discharge is off duty..? ugh ..
The next issue , for you'all who are taking or took delivery of 2008 Pierce arrows ( at least) we have also had Minor issues (nuts n bolts) but also the drivers door latch which has had to been fixed twice and recently the officers door, as tite as that seat is for a big guy in bunker gear, I had the door pop open while makinga sharp left turn uphill, with no obvious issue before the incident... It was a 3 block response thankfully I survived and ALWAYS wear the belt , no matter now... the right rear door is alwasy pinching the scba low pressure regulator holder on that scba... I expect those doors will be the next to have issues.. Just some minor issues to be wary of ..
Our Arrows have a front suction as well as a 5" rear intake as well (new for these companies) both seem fine havent seen any issues with either at this point, just the linkages I mentioned , that operate (supposedly) the rear 2 1/2 and seperate 3" discharges.. the piping is "fairly" ok, butwhattheydo with the linkages is crazy..lol we had to "back up" the actual pump panel using a metal strip,because the pump panel would flex 3 or 4 inches when the linkage got hung up.. we were afraid we'd crack or even smash the whole outter panel trying to close the valves more living with modern plastics..lol
we have two 85 arrows that still work like there brand new only one little thing the body needs work


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