Man Gets Stuck Naked Inside Port-a-potty, Police Say
Kevin Johns, FOX43 News

June 5, 2008

LEBANON — Emergency dispatchers receive thousands of calls every year, but none like the one last weekend. A man got stuck in a port-a-potty – and he needed help.

On Sunday, 31-year-old Shannon Hunter of Lebanon used his cell phone to call 911 – from inside a port-a-potty.

Police say he had been drinking, took off his clothes and somehow, immersed himself in the holding tank.

"I've been on the job in one form or fashion for 21 years, and this is the first port-a-potty rescue I've ever had," said deputy fire commissioner Chris Miller.

Rescue crews actually had to cut apart the potty to pull him out safely.

"I guess you would have to say the whole thing's called vandalism of a spot-a-pot," said witness Charles Haws.

All joking aside, emergency crews did need to treat the situation seriously due to the waste and chemicals found inside the port-a-potty.

Authorities say Hunter did not suffer any serious injuries. His reputation – well, that's a different story.

Police have charged Hunter with being drunk in public. He's also facing charges for creating a health code violation. They still have no idea why he was in the port-a-potty with his clothes off.
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Now I'm sorry but what the hell. I saw this on the news and thought it would make a good discussion starter on the wierdest call you ever had.

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the oddest call i ever had also had to do with a porta pot except this particular one gone blown up. it was a real stinky situation.
Our department responded to a private residence with a report of difficulty breathing. The crew arrived on scene to find the victim/caller waiting for them outside, ready to go to the hospital. As they asked the patient a few questions, she informed them that it was an intermittent issue... It only really happened when she and her boyfriend had intercourse and he went really fast.....
We had a man nearly drown in a porta john after it was tipped over with him inside. In all seriousness, it fractured his spine, and he was paralyzed from the neck down. I dunno if he lived, but it was a pretty rotten situation all around. Imagine living with that, killing someone, even accidentally, with a portable toilet?
One of the weirdest was just before I was voted into the department, the department was at our local fair for support for the demo derby, when we were called to the livestock area. When our guys arrived they found a goat had somehow forced its head between the bars of to temp. corral it was in. After a few dropped jaws and hmmmmmms, our guys showing their professialism, moved the crowd back, backed our rescue upto the area and procceeded to pry the bars apart with our JAWS, as if they prcticed every drillnight,. The goat was freed and returned to be showed no worst for the wear.
our dept had a call for a telephone pole on fire well we responded with 5 personel. when we arrived we did encounter the top of the pole on fire with the power company already on the scene which is a rareity in itself. well the power guy said we can probably just let this burn out and i can handle it. then my chief said yea you could probably handle that problem but can you handle the problem on the bottom of the can. now on the bottom of the can there was a hornets nest about as big around as the can and about a foot long. he then changed his mind. so our brave chief decides to fire up the high pressure hose while myself and a couple other brave firefighters ran for the truck. well they evicted the hornets waited about an hour for the air to clear and the power was turned back on.
The oddest call I have ever been at was dispatched as a physical rescue call. We got on scene to find out that she somehow got stuck under a dresser...odd

We also once had to help get a child's head unstuck from a recliner.
There is at least one every day. lots transvestites where i work. thats always interesting. had a guy that was robbed, stripped, sliced from head to toe with a knife and threw him out of a third floor window.have been on a couple where the people lock their parents in the attic for years and they cash their SS and welfare checks. had a pregnant chick last month who was passed out on the ground and she puked on her 2 month old baby and got mad at me when I told her she was a shi**y mother, and I was there 2 months before that for the same person for the miscarrage cause she was drunk that time too having contractions..... it goes on and on and on....
For me it was a still alarm for keys stuck in a sewer. The guy didnt think to stick his hand in the opening of the sewer grate. We were on scene for literally 30 seconds before leaving.
the crazy lady on the roof tellin me that she was god, and im a bad man, and that she was going to send me to hell for being a bad man and blah blah blah and it just goes on and on from there im sure most of us had them crazy ppl calls that PD and EMS need us to get em down lol


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