I was just watching kdka news and on there they had a news reporter and the Pittsburgh mayor get a taste of what we do (flash over room and practice burns.) What seemed to be common between the both of them is both decided they dont want to do it again. Does the firefighter union seriously think that just because they did that the funding will stay? They don't care about us until they have to. What do they think it's going to prove? It's a fact that volunteer fire houses have better and more up to date equipment than city fire houses.

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not really man i belong to two vol. companys we live on grants but pa #%$@#$ us this year big time they told us that are call volume was not up to thier standards so no we are no more up to date
i worked for the city for 2 years and the equiptment in my vol company is better than the city equiptment
Well, did he have any comments?
he said he found out how hard it is to be a firefighter. he has no clue. the smell of burning flesh, friends getting killed, kids dieing, people decapated and thats just some of the stuff. he doesnt have the faintest idea of what its like. I was among the few companies in pa that volunteered on 9/11 when you go through stuff like that then you will know what it's like to be us.
Well I've bean on meany saens of fire. People burned and such so I know and feel ya. So I hope he helps out the fire department in some way. If I remmber thay closed down some fire departments in the city, so maybe he will think about open them back up or something.
How can P.A. do that kined of crap. It should not mater how meany calls the compeny runs.
being with a vol .co. i have to say some of us out in the sticks get passed by on the funding sometimes. but the paid do some of the good stuff first . and that also pends on the political part of some of the house s .n i know its not fair but thats how it goes sometimes. as far as the mayor goes he want to say it was a thrill to go in a controled aera .but the real risk of life is when its not controed thats we shine the most .ontil we lose a life or a damn building that is when we are no damn good and we should hadbetter stuff to work with or the big word TRAINING .to make our jobs bettter to save a life or that damn old house.and for the sake of all houses i hope the funding contiues coming in as we need it .
I watched that and the way i personally interpreted that broadcast was basically i want all of you to see what its like in a fire. It prob was all bout the money because ive been to city fires, and ive went to a few fire houses. They do beat those trucks to hell and back, not that they are not properly taken care of but they run there asses off. Good example 37 engine down in manchester going to a structure fire they went under an under pass the cab of the truck got through but the other half didnt, the deck gun got ripped off, and a ladder and the ladder rack doesnt work. Im not sure if they got those fixed yet more than likely not. They are missing a door to there generator compartment it got ripped off at another call.

About the funding i do think its bullshit that some companies are getting multiple grants a year for hundred thousands of dollars that do not need it, when there are companies out there that do need it, not to make there trucks look the best, and have every little thing possible because they want it. They need it to get new gear and scba's that arent up to par, or to replace that 30 some year old piece that is the primary unit for there town and is going to fail at the wrong time, and then they will be screwed.
That news segment was appalling to me in a way. Two weeks prior we did a burn at that location. The instructors gave the lead grief saying he conducted an unsafe burn, along with some of the help he had from our way. For the most part it was Academy guys and instructors from that area conducting and watching crucial things. Ignition and such was all them, and they tried to crush him for an unsafe burn? To top it off watch that segment if its still available, they had 4+ pallets cooking. They only had 2 for us!! We know how to use the equipment, some people were fresh out of essentials and they only had 2 pallets?? The mayor, council, news people get 4+?? Bah thats some bs.
Ya i feel ya there if your a celeb you get special treatment.
its all a political game
No doubt. Its BS tho. We were there for a training scenario and 2 pallets is more than enough and then we get dumped on by the instructors. There were a few cupcakes on the fg no lie, but not everyone was looking stupid out there and we couldnt get the feel of how a real fire is going. The mayor and all those ding a lings get pallets tossed in high and they havent really got a clue what the hell they are doing.


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