It's in the dead of winter

A cold and silent night,

When in the distance a fire alarm

And the sky is lit up bright.

My wife is rising from our bed

To calm our young sons' tears,

As I swing my legs over the edge

And pull on my turnout gear.

The cold night air slaps me in the face

As I head toward my car

And I think to myself, Why am I doing this

I probably don't know who they are.

But my adrenalin is flowing

God gives me the strength that I need.

No matter whose house it may be

I know I must succeed.

Engine One has responded,

Tanker One is near.

I hope no one is in the house

As I put on my breathing gear.

The fire blazes around us

As we crawl along the floor.

We hear muffled choking cries

From behind a bedroom door.

We enter the room and find a boy

About the age of mine

Thank God that we have reached him

Barely, just in time.

And when the fire is over

And the damage has been done,

I return home tired but thankful

That I can still hug my wife and sons

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That's really nice, did you write that? Don
me and my company
You guys should do something like this with it:
we should but we aren't that great with computers
if you have some department pics you'd like to see put into something like that, email them over, and I'll make it up for you.
ill try to take some and send them
ok, cool.
thats good didi you write
my company and i
that was really nice and well put

A fireman's life is one big surprise,
Usually he laughs, sometimes he cries.
There's always stress, toil and strife,
Hoping he's good enough to save just one life.

His wife understands, when he misses dinner,

If he runs out of church, don't think he's a sinner.

Answering a call, is tops on his list,

Regretting each one he's ever missed.

He tries and tries, but can't make us see,

The happiest men, still work for free.

Jumping from bed, fighting the cold,

Knowing what to do, without being told.

He rushes to the station, jumps on a truck.

Depending on skill, never on luck.

Putting his life on the line, for an unknown friend,

Hoping and praying, it won't be the end.
"The Bravest Men In The World", the title is fitting,

They all do their best, never come close to quitting.

Next time you see them, all their lights blinking,

Take just a minute, to think what they're thinking.
It's a hard job, so show them you care,

And help them out, with a little prayer.
Nice job


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