Now that County Commissioners can set County burn bans. What is your counties protocol for getting the bans in affect, and for how long?

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Since I started it, I will be the first to talk about it. In Love Co we have 13 departments. All 13 Chiefs are asked by the Commissioners if a ban should be put into effect. We only need 8 to say yes. Then on Monday the Commissioners start the ban. It is only good for 7 days. so the next Monday it starts all over again. Since the whole County are Vollies, the vote can be done via phone or e-mail Sat or Sun night.
Hey I know you started this a while back but I'd still like to comment.
We do the same thing in Cherokee county but it doesn't have to be on Monday. Our commissioners only meet twice a month (I don't know why, it's a pain due to PO's and stuff.) but, they will call a special meeting if needed. I think there has to be 'no signifiacant chance of rain' in the next three days or else they won't put it on. We recently had call for it and it was not voted in due to the ice/rain that came three days later. Although a couple of FD's were getting a few grass/brush fire calls, the rest of us were not.
I don't think it should be taken lightly, I think if we put it on and take it off, people will be more confussed and aggravatied and might just say 'I'm going to burn anyway'. I just think we should only put it on if the conditions truely warrant it not just because one or two dept.s in the county think we need it. ;)
Ours runs for seven days and then is reacessed to determine if it needs to be continued. With the lack of rain and high winds, I don't see it ending any time soon. Had a large grass fire sat. 4 departments were called out to fight it. The wind kicked our butts untill it got into the trees.


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