Does anyone have any good ideas on what needs to be done to stop so many firefighter deaths and accidents. Every day close is sending out accident calls and death notices of firefighters. People its time something serious is done about this. We all have familys that love us very much so what can be done any suggestions.

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It's sad too see were loosing so many brothers. Being able to watch some of the video and watch them make so many mistakes that you can see lead up to the death of our brother is un imaginable. I think their needs to be a higher demand for certification and training. Did you know unlike Illinois were we have fire certifications the Charleston , south carolina does not have fire fighter certification its still on the job training. That scares me.
Besides training, we need to reinforce the basic skills. We need to train ALL our personnel how to read smoke, and buildings. Basically reinforce regularly basic fire behavior as it relates to todays "pack rat" and synthetic society. Fires are hotter, and faster, but we can't tell because we have protected ourselves with better equipment and tools. What we don't teach and beat into people is that unless someone is trapped, and viable, we have to make a seriously unpopular decision, bring the fire to us. Insurance companies don't like it, and neither do the Chiefs, but its the only way to keep us safe. That or mandatory sprinkler systems in ALL buildings
How bout holding guys accountable for their actions. Make that guy slow down while driving, make him wear his seatbelt. If he complains tough s**t. Enforce a POV policy for volunteers. We can do it if we try.
We as firefighters need to start using more common sense! The days of speeding to the scene and blowing through red lights are over! Officers need to be officers and lead, whether that means leading by example or holding their crews accountable for their own actions. Wear your seat belts on the way to the incident, then wear your SCBA while at the incident! Wear full PPE, blah blah blah! More certifications and less "on the job training"! And while at a roadway incident, make sure that motorists can see you, and assume that they will try and hit you! That's my 2 cents. Stay safe!


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