Well, since no one has checked into this group yet, I'll try to start a discussion. I'm toally new at this "blog" stuff so bear with me. Anyone who has followed the local news in St Louis knows that the St Louis FD is going through turmoil over the issue of promotions. Questions arise such as; How frequently should tests be given? How should competency for the position sought be established? What constitutes an "adverse impact" in the promotional testing system? How should concerns about minority hiring; promotion; and recruitment be addressed? What minimum qualifications should a candidate posses to test for the position of Captain, Battalion Chief, etc.? So with that said, let me introduce another question into the mix. Should additional formal education, such as degrees in Fire Science; Safety Administration; Fire And EMS Administration be required for promotion to positions such as Captain or BC? Or should those who posses such degrees be given extra points in the promotional process?
In my personal opinion, and that's all it is, (take it for what it's worth) Candidates for Captain should probably have a minimum of a Certificate in Fire Science, and given additional points toward promotion for an Associate or Bachelor's degree in Fire Science. For Battalion and Deputy Chiefs, I think an Associate Degree in Fire Science is a must, and additional points granted for a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Science, Fire administration, or Public Safety.
In addition to this I think a Captain candidate should either have or have had a valid EMT-B License within the past 5 years. Paramedics should get some extra credit, but not over Fire Science. Well, what do the rest of you all think? Does this sound reasonable or have I gone crazy?

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as you already know you and I agree on this issue only I think any fd continuing ed (IE instructor, technical rescue, etc ) should add points. As well if we are technically a civil service job the jobs and/or promotions should be viewed as strictly civil service with competetive exams in order to fill them not political moneuvering and political posting to fill the positions. After all, quite litterally, lives are at stake and we want the best and brightest don't we?
Mike, thanks for your response. The only limitations that I would put on what constitutes additional training and/or education that would qualify toward additional points on a promotion exam would be those courses that anyone could attend, regardless of assignment. This would include college courses, EMT or Paramedic, any National Fire Academy or MU FRT courses offered at summer or winter fire school, etc. But somehow, there should be a method of recognizing those who go "above and beyond" the minimum standard when it comes to fire service promotions. I also think that giving some points for seniority might be good too.
We look at education and would like an associates degree but we give credit for time on the job so 6 years for a Captian or 3 with a degree. I like a mix with education an important part but not the only thing you look at.


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