hey yall. i was just wondering what all you do at your station. and what you can't do. cause every station have their own standards. so let me know.

k thanks.

[[ Jenn ]] 918*

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hey at my station the only i can do is pretty much is the bitch work like hooking up to the plugs and other things the FIREFIGHTERS will not do and anyway all in all the guys at my station treat me like one of them but on fires am the Bitch LOL. what i cant is go in until am 18
Our company is a small one...a lot of members are older....we have about twop full engine crews an alarm....we are in a highly populated area so our Juniors after fire school can ride 1st due truck, pack up and go in....I have had the chance to be on nozzle during a couple working fires....so being a junior in my company makes you gain responsibility fast cause if not your out.
Well our department is a larger department. But as an Explorer we get to ride the trucks help out on any fire, wreck, or EMT call. We are all first responder certified. While on shift we help out with basic station chores such as cleaning the station, washing the trucks, and we help cook the meals we eat. we are allowed to stay up to 48 hours straight at a time then we must be absent for 24 hours. Our departments Explorer program is realy great, we are curently trying to make improvements to the program so if yall have any comments on how we can improve let me know.


Bryan London
At my station you do all the bitch work your lucky if you get to play at all, the only time u can is if no one is there for the call, or if they think bout letting you play instead of them. You cant run blue lights, cannot be on the nozzle at any time, cant throw ladders but u can carry them, cannot throw oil dry down but u can clean it up. Basically we can change tanks out, help monitor an exterior line if they think its safe enough, back someone up on a car fire if they say u can, use the water can on lil brush fires, stand outside at fire alarms, and hit the hydrant. I have ran accountability at a working fire if they trust you enough they will let you do that.
welp were a small dept some companies with really shitty man power un like my station (not bragin) but the juniors at my station do all the training mazes, saws, hose, etc.... on fire calls we dont go if its lights and siren unless told or were on the rig and get called out or 16 and older. on a fire call if were on the engine we hook the 5" ldh to the hydrant and are the main source of gettin water and we then take accountability for our company but if were not on a call we clean tools if told wash the engine (im the only junior who does it since ive been there longest) sweap the garage take the trash out. o and i dont live anywhere near my station so when im in the state its in i do most of that stuff
we do everything any of the older guys do, except go in or on a burning building and work the hydrolic tools. everything else is free game, although we usually end up being the bitch. we also arent supposed to run first truck out of either station or run blue lights, but we do anyways.
Iam a junior firefighter and NC has a new state law and i cant even ride a truck emergency traffic but i can go POV so i just take pics and train.
well this is not completely true.
because i am.
they have not put into effective yet.
that i am aware of.
because i had the same thing brought to my attention.

=] jenn. [ [ 9 1 8 ] ]
I am the only junior in my fire station so i get all the rules and the teasing too. I am what my station calls the go-fur. I am allowed to ride the truck so on the scene i spend the whole time running messages, dragging hoses, and passing out water. It sucks but my cheif tells me that it is a great help so i just try to suck it up and wait untill i can be a firefighter. In the station I do alot of cleaning trucks and doing dishes and moping floors.
Well i am from 2 different groups
the EMS group lets us do everything once we have training and we are 14 we go on the ambulance at 15
the fire explorers let us go on calls when we are 15 that is all i know
Hey guys. I know that since yall are juniors and most dont get radio traffic time. We have done something at my station that helps prepare yall for getting ready to ride captain. and talk on the radio.

have an officer go through and pull pictures. and act like dispatch just if it was a real call. and you have however many would normally be on the truck and play pretend.
it works i promise.

talk to your officers and dont tell you got it from here. =) trust me it will rack up some brownie points.


happy fourth.

stay safe.


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