Well i think thats something that is left totally up to the station!
I think that Juniors like me shouldn't be able to run lights to a call, but for protection to have them on scene, and if they decide to run them and get caught they need to be released from the Department.

Please post your thoughts on this subject.

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Corey, that makes sense, but, where i live, it's kind of different. i personally think that every firefighter that can afford to have emergency lights should have them. My town is on a state route, so there is a constant flow of traffic. You know what i mean???
Yeah i deff. understand, i live on Highway 1, so yeah it can get kinda hectic at times trying to get to calls.
a couple of weeks ago, there was a wildfire where i live. we lost a trailer and 1/2 extra acres to the fire b/c of the fact that just using your fourways on your car is not enough. people don't know what that means. any suggestions???
I am a Junior From Westwego Louisiana I think we should at least have lights because when we are at a scene we should have them so other car and people can see us.
i think u should run your lights to every call ! i am a fire buff with the lights and sirens
Around here, Im like the 3rd closest person to the station. Without lights/4-ways/sirens, I can get to the station in less than a minute. Thats within the speed limit. Personally, Id like to see us have at least lights for access, but in my state your required to run either both siren and lights, or none. I get why we cant, its a saftey issue, and face it, what teen hasnt had the urge to just flip the lights on and go fast? I think its best we wait till we're atleast 18 because then we have a better judgement. atleast, thats my oppinion.


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