Hey Brothers,
I was just wondering if there are any other second(or more) generation fire fighters in this group. I am a second generation firefighter. My father retired as a Captain, after 38 years. I am the second generation at this department.
My father was hired on St. Patrick's Day in 1968 and retired on April 22 2006. He wanted to make 40 years out of pride, but health problems prevented that from happening. I wad hired on January 30, 2005. I had tried to ignore the call, but gave in to suduction. And, I'm glad that I did.
I don't think that I could do any other job now.

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i'm also second generation not at the same dept though my step dad retired after 40 years my kids are already talking about it lets hope they do
2nd Gen.
I was on a call dept. for 2 year while I was still active duty coast guard. Got out of the CG back in April and was hired on in Boston June 11th. My father is in his 30th year on the job (Whitman, MA)
I have kind of a funny story that relates to this subject. I'm the first in my family in the fire service. My paternal grandfather was a Boston cop so there is some history of civil service/public safety. My old man was a pretty active fire buff in the Boston area when I was a kid. The funny thing is that he re-married to a woman who has 2 sons on the job in Providence, RI. So in a roundabout way I ended up in a firefighting family. As for my kids....I'd love to see them follow me into the fire service. My wife on the other hand isn't keen on the idea.
I know what you mean about the wife. Mine doesn't want the boys to follow me either.
I'm a second generation Firefighter, my father, a retired Captain served 30 yrs with New Orleans Fire Dept. and I like my Father attained the rank of Fire Captain (11 yrs ago ), this October 21st I'll have 29 yrs served, My father had an uncle ( Johnny Shields ) who was a Volunteer City Fireman in New Orleans during the early 1900's, after all these years I still love my job, It's the BULLSHIT from HQ and the Mayor's office that makes it hard.....
my grandfather was a firefighter out west, my dad has been on the local vol. dept. and has been for some time now, and now i'm a volunteer, paid firefighter. also my uncle was a firefighter and I have a cousin thats fightin it down south. Not to mention as of july 16th I had my first son, maybe the 4th generation! who knows
I'm a third generation FF. My grandfather was a volly up in NY. My Dad is still on. I work for the same department he does. He is going to retire next year. 35yrs
I am a second generationer , my dad was a lieutenant but on another dept.
My Dad has been a FF for over 35 years (vol.) and my 2 brothers are FF (vol.) I loved since I was a kid and found out you can get paid for it, WOW. This job is the best kept secret ever. Been a FF since a JR FF vol. since I was a 16 y/o. I am a fulltime FF and now 34. I have uncles and cousins who were vol. FF. A brother Inlaw who I work with as a fulltimer.
Ok, so looks like this string has been quiet for a while but I think I've got you all beat. I am 5th generation, back as far as my great-grandfather on one department, his father was on a different one. As well as the direct generations, there are several cousins uncles and great-uncles thrown into the mix.


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