If you have Tattoos and Piercing's and have pics go ahead and post em! If you dont lets hear about them; what you have and where you have them. Im at the fire house right now and cant post pics here but will as soon as I get out of here tomorrow.

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I have four at this moment want more. The dalmation Igot three months ago It is on my left arm. The old school little devil I got last year in vegas at Hart and Huntiton. It is on my left shoulder. I have a skelleton with two guns on my right arm. On my right shoulder I have a confederate solider which was my first tat. Its about fifteen years ago.
Now why can't you tell us where your piercings are? We are all family. We won't tell anyone outside our group. lol
Yeah What Ever! lol
Well personaly I used to have alot. If it could be done I had it. I was a body piercer for years and still do some on occasion and Im not shy! I had both eyebrows, septum, 2 in each nostril, 5 in my lower lip, my ears were streched out to 1" and had others above those, and had several genital piercings as well with a prince albert, finaly I still have both nipples pierced. As far as the Tattoos go I would say I am about 50% covered, I will post pics of them as soon as I get a chance but some are on my myspace page at myspace/pwall757. I will be getting more tattoo work done throughout the summer and finaly until fully covered with the exception of my face and top's of hands.

WOW...and I feel like such a wimp having just gotten my nose done last week. No ink although I would like some. I have allergies nadly and am scared to death I will wind up having to get something amputated because with my luck I will have a reaction to the ink...lol.
very nice. are you more an angel or the devil?
Pin Up's are so HOT!!!
I am at work right now so i can't post pics BUT . . . .
I have only one and my wife has one, but we are having our next 2 being designed and we will be getting them in the next couple weeks as soon as the artist gives us a call.

Currently My tatt is the same keltic weave pattern that is on my wedding ring and that is tattoo'd around my right fore arm, approx 2 inches wide. My wife's tatto is a siberian tiger head surrounded with tribal work on her lower back as the "tramp stamp" position is called.

Our tattos being designed next: I am getting a big piece done across my whole back from one shoulder blade to another I am getting a fire department saying "I fight that which you fear" starting from my left back shoulder and running accross to the right, and in the middle will be the maltess cross symbol surrounded by fire which will be at the base of my neck. My wife is getting on her right shoulder the maltess cross also surrounded by fire with the saying "A fire burns in my heart" under it with our wedding date.

Lastly my next tatto is going to be a pinup tatt of my wife toppless with some fire gear on

All our tatt's are black and shaded.

She has several peircings in her ears of course and also has her nose peirced. I am trying to get her to peirce her belly too tho!!

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My First And Not last, Of my tattoos

my most recent tattoo but not my last

my first tattoo age 17
I have 10 piercings and 5 tattoos still wanna get one or two more piercings and a few more tattoos


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