Im putting on a class sometime in aug on RIT team.  I was wondering if anybody had any good ideas on some drills or training that would be helpful.

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Getting a firefighter up from one floor below through an opening in the floor.
1. Using rope and the hand cuff knot. Try using 2 hand cuff knots.
2. 1 FF as rescuer and is lowered down to victim. FF ties a hasty harness with webbing on the victim. Victim raised with rope.
3. Get a sling link and use sling link for a rescue.
4. Use the bend of a charged hose line to be lowered into hole. Have FF step on hose and hug both sides of hose while RIT team pulls hose back up.
get ahold of the state fire marshals office and see if you can use the training bureau's RIT trailer i went through it two years ago at winter fire school and it was awesome!
I arranged a RIT drill last year, we got a ton of wire pieces from a construction site (Legally of course) and tangled a firefighter through the floor in a vacant house that we were given permission to train in. We told the RIT that a FF was down through the floor and they had to rescue with whatever means they deemed worthy.

All teams found it very hard and worked hard to release the FF from the wires and rescue through an opening in the floor.

It was good for all the teams to brainstorm and progress each time they went through, we did this in August and it was extreamly hot that day, so it kinda made it more realistic.

Also check out Denver Drills....Stay safe
I teach a 12-hour RIT class for my volunteer department as well as neighboring departments.

If anyone is interested i will post some of the skill drills that I utilize.
Start with the basics.

Make sure that all memebers taking the class can change a downed firefighter's mask, change his bottle, swap out the pack and if you have them, can use the RIT pack.

Darken the room and put the rescuers in coat, SCBA and helmet, and make sure that they can perform all 4 skills.

Securing the downed firefighter's air is the most critical skill. IMO, they must be able to do this if they are going to move on.


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