Hey folks. Just wondering how many of you (while we have the chance before summers heat kills us) have been out scouting your hunting area so far. Any bucks spotted? More deer than normal? I always like to spend a day here and there in my stand throughout the summer to try and get some time patterns and see how close they are from week to week vs month to month.

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Hay Engineco913

I get out a little in early spring and more in June just to see what the fawn population looks like. We had a pretty easy winter so I'm seeing a lot of twins and even a few triplets. I even have one doe I have seen on several occasions with 4 fawns. Never seen that before and figured maybe she had a triplets of her own and picked up an orphins that maybe ma got hit by a car. July and August I get out a couple night a month and have managed to see a handfull of small bucks. I don't bow hunt any more. With the kids activities, work and the fire department pluss the honey do list I just didnt feel I could put enough time in to be any more than just average if that when it came to shot placement. September and October I try to combine bird or rabbit hunting with a little scouting but try to stay out of my honey holes. what about you? you been out much this spring and summer? seeing any bucks?

LT Lake
I have been out a few times this spring and summer combined. I have seen little buck activity aside from a couple of spikes hanging together 2 weeks ago. 4 fawns with a doe is quite a few. I agree it was either an orphan or she was "babysitting." I hunt a large parcel of state land and my scouting truely only pays off for the first couple weeks of the muzzle loader season when there are less hunters to change the deers habits. I have seen some considerable fawn activity this year myself with a good sprinkling in of yearling does in the mix. (pretty much a doe hole now) I am hoping when the small game season starts it will push some of the bucks into my areas a little more and they hold through to the gun season. Hunter pressure and the rut will make any scouting seem worthless at times, but it is always good to know exactly where you are, and what is around you pre season.
babysitting never even crossed my mind I suppose that could be the case as well. I hunt private land and the activity of the neighbors seems to realy effect the deer movement. Just when I think I know something it all changes then I find out the neighbor was cutting wood the past couple weeks and figure that has to be it. The land arround me is cut up into so many small private parcles there is a lot of activity the week or so prior to the opener which changes everything again. Like you said most of the scouting I do is just to get a feel for the size and health of the heard and what is hanging around the area before the season opens. Half the time I end up taking a deer that must have been chased over to me by someone else heading into the woods durring the season because it ends up being one I have never seen or cought on the trail cam. I'm seeing alot of the same thing you are 98% doe and fawn and 2% spikes and forks. I did see one out in the field last night and got a chance to glass him but again he looks like he is struggling to be a six. I steped out the door this morning to 42 degrees and the chill in the air got the hair on the back of my neck standing up.


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