One of my biggest dislikes is groups that have not had any activity since 2007. These should be deleted after like 10 months of no activity. Other than that I love this site

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Well, in the beginning it was a great idea to have this group and that group... a lot of counties across the US have their own groups, for instance. Maybe they should be archived or something if not active for 6 months?
I'm new to this site, but I did notice there are a lot of groups, and a lot of groups that don't seem to do anything. I agree something needs to be done, and maybe it will be.
I agree there are a lot of groups that have no activity in them so they should be put in archives
I have joined quite a few groups that I would be interested in for example: Battle of the Barrel Crew, Compressed Air Foam Extinguishment to name a couple and have gone as for as inviting all the members in some of my groups as friends to be able to bolster some type of activity in the group but it has not yet worked. It seems that some of the people that started the groups and also joined them have since moved on and do not visit the site anymore for whatever reason.
I am also very addicted to the site and participate in a lot of the discussions in and out of groups(active ones). I can not say that I have any dislikes on the site. The fact that every one is able to have their own opinion and not get bashed for it and not to many people get out of line is great. I was involved a couple of weeks ago in a discussion that for some reason got pretty heated and the Web Chief stepped in and ended it and I commend him on that. He is doing a wonderful job here and it seems he does not get the praise he is due for it.
I will be trying some different things to get some activity in the groups at least that I belong to and we will see how it works.
Thank you Web Chief for all that you do on the site. No complaints about it from me. It is up to the members to create activity on the site and keep it from becoming monotoness.
Don't forget you can sort groups by latest activity :)
Having open access to open any specific group anyone wants to setup is a cause of this as well.. Denise .. and I suppose in a manner yoru right, especially with no activty in years.... another example that comes to My mind of this issue is we have at least 3 groups that include "Bagpipes" one was begun By a midwestern active piper who hasnt been in the group I think since he set it, another is specific to western NY andthethird begun By an Irish ambulance member who like the first group, I dont think has everbeen back..:) , Leatherheads is a very successful group and yet there seems the need by others toalso have theyre own Leatherhelmet group, "area specific leather helmet lovers as well as FOOLS groups from various regions, For the leatherheads who may or may not be FOOLS members and FOOLS who are regonalized and might NOT want they're meetings posted to the other corner of the country.. sorta makes sense I've seen folks beg and plead for assistance in a tiopic specific group (like pipebands ) and never come back .. Of course nothing anyone is going to do can change how folks use the site otherthen forcing us to do specific options.. Generally I stick to the groups I know and like.. though occasionally I sneak in here or there..:P

Overall, I like FFN , Iam addicted as most of the posters here at the moment know... I guess there issomething tobe said for "archiving quiet groups" But whogets stuck dealing with that? UGH I am still archiving MY forum from last year can only do so much at any given timeand FFN is a wayfor me to not go nuts from doing
I just joined FFN this week. I have noticed something about the groups, that is kind of annoying for a new member. There are numerous similar groups, that seem to all focus on the same thing but were formed by different people. I don't know if this is because people make new groups without checking to see if there is an existing group or not first, or if there is some other reason. All in all, it makes it hard for a new member to figure out what groups to join. I wonder if the admin staff could look into the possibility of merging some of these groups, especially since not all of them are as active as others.


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