I am having some troubles with a certain male, who just can't stand the fact that I have so many more certifications than him. In his mind, women just aren't capable of doing such. The funny thing of it all, he always tries to make everything a competition between us, and all I can do is just laugh at him. When it comes right down to it, I would leave him sitting. Of course, I would love to throw that in his face and show him, but I just dont feel like giving him the satisfaction of letting him that this irritates me!! They way I look at: somethings are better left unsaid than spoke aloud and thought a fool! What you all think?

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why is it that regardless of training when you do something or hell anything better than the guys you either catch it for the next ten years or they don't say nothing at all because they know you can throw it back up in there faces. I have only been there a year and plus here you have to be twenty one to drive the trucks. anyway we were practiving for evoc and i done better parrallel parking than the guys who have been driving the trucks when i got out of the truck and the guys were just all standing there i thought hell this makes the second time i drove the trucks, so i either donw really really bad or really good. When i asked my cousin who is also on my department she informed me that i done better than most of them. i was shocked and compltely surprised they didn't give me hell. Around here if you don't have a **** you don't know javk according to them
Glad to hear you did good! Keep it up! You know the old saying when it comes to "if you don't have a **** you don't know jack" most of 'em who actually have a **** has probaly done jack". LOL! Hope it all goes well for you! if you ever need anything just give me a hollar! i support my sisters in this line of work! I've been doing this for 14 years and fourth generation, but first female in that generation! I love it to the fullest. You know, the day you show up to a call and the adreneline isnt there, no compassion, thats when you know you arent in the right line of work, whether your paid or volunteer. Never let that spirit die if this is truely what you love doing!
Be safe!
i'm also the first female in the line thats was the hardest getting dad and papaw to let go enough for them to let me do my job. My grandfather passed away back in march, but even to this day i still get into trouble by him. I was coming off the hill after a brush fire and one of the guys he worked with threatened to whip me since papaw wasn't here to do it. In all reality i needed it when your seeing spots while ighting the fire it's time to stop but it's so hard to make urself do that sometimes. So that was my biggest hurdle was getting them to let me go. Did you run into that problem.
Im not sure if I am understanding you correctly, so please bare with me. If you are seeing spots from fighting a fire, you are over exerting yourself and need a break. The best thing you can do, is if you have back up, take a break. you are more valuable alive and healthy than overdoing it and adding more tragedy to a scene. I cant say that I have ever ran into the problem of my father or grandfather geting in my way of things. (letting me go) I was raised in the fire dept., they know and are very comfortable with my knowledge and skills of this line of work. They have a hard time letting go due to the fact, you are their baby girl and they love you dearly and worry about you. I'm not trying to sound like a parent when I say this, so please dont take it that way.. I, myself didnt truely understand these certain things until i became a parent. I always argued, quit trying to hold me back, but now I look at my two children and kinda do the same thing. Just remain strong and know they love you! I think you will do well. As far as the other men that are looking out for you (the ones who worked with your grandfather) they probaly as well watched you grow. They feel connected. If that makes any sense. Take care! Write soon!
i knew i had over exerted myself it just seemed kind of odd i think what mad it even weirder was the emotional stress and everything that was going on with my grandfather passing away. I am uually pretty good when it comes to stopping myself before i go to far but on some days i just need anything to take my mind off of everything. I knew i should have stopped but somedays your body just doesn't listen to your mind. I needed an escape and that was my way not to think about it. So even when i had pushed myself too far i couldn't stop. I'm not sure how i would feedl if it was my daughter but i igure i will find out eventually.
I would take the challange. If you show him up enough he will stop competing. The problem for me is that sometimes I have to keep proving myself every time a new hotshot joins the department, to me that gets old. Also, another thought, If you let him "walk on you" others may see it as being weak. We have to be strong!
first u goood Girl.

can u please help me get ready for the IS 100-A if u can this is the last one for now I HOPE

valerie crawford
I have the IS 100 and 200 and 700. I am not sure what the IS100-A is could you tell me? I still have to get the 300 and 400 some time in the next 10 months. I would like to help if you want me to. I have taught in the fire academy in our area, and love to help new people get started. I have seen and done a lot in our department. I am a volunteer and run calls 24/7. I may have only 7 years but there is no one down at the dept. that runs more calls then me. Barb.


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