I'm writing to see if any other DOD Fire Dept.'s are currently training and working to establish water at the nozzle within 30 seconds of the Engine stopping? At my former FD they do this all the time, and if the water is to the nozzle in even 33 or 35 seconds, The Officer makes them wrap up and do it over. And Safety is tossed out the window; I saw a firefighter help another pull the line, and the Crew Chief wanted to write the poor guy up for not pulling his own line to get water in 30 seconds! I know it's inherently unsafe, and there's Officers in that FD that think it's asinine. But won't say anything because they're afraid for their careers. I have discussed this with other career firefighters in Municipal FD's and they just laughed. And I have recently talked with Brother Volunteers that fight fire more often than some career Fed FF's, and they agree that trying to get water in 30 seconds is crazy. So, Please tell me. You all aren't doing this too? Are You? Thanks!

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This sounds like the old 1410 drills the airforce use to run. Some of the old school cheifs and fire marshalls still want to see these. you are right they accoplish nothing but an excelint chance for an injury
Hi Pete, Thanks for the nice reply. I agree 100%. And I think you've hit the nail on the head. It's These HQ and Command Fire Chiefs that are still using old standards and criteria for Drills and Inspections. These Guys I like to call "The Brown Shoe Network" - Ex-Chiefs taking care of each other after retirement from active duty - are running rampant in the DOD. I know that nowhere in NFPA or IFSTA does it say to get water at the nozzle in 30 seconds! It's these so called Old School Chiefs that are still going by the Old IG, UCI and outdated standards. If any of you are doing it, Good Luck. A good chance to get someone hurt over BS.
My current cheif is a former IG we are still breaking him in. We have a good union witch helps, we still get sent out on 1410 but our fire marshall retires in a week. We do them now not for time but for completion
That is pretty Crazy. We don't do drills like that, the only thing close to a 30 second drill we do is getting water from the hydrant to the engine in less than one minute. Easily accomplished without chance of injury. While one guy is doing that we have 2 men pulling the first line and a second run engine that grabs the back up line. We run our engines with a crew of 4 or 5 depending on how many people are on duty that day. We have a 2 engine, 1 truck, 2 tender/tanker, 3 crash truck house, typically 23-25 guys on duty each shift.
The things with this is. Its fun to try and you can look at the old FM drills but nothing falls under 30 seconds. I think the full drill is 2.5 mins. But the officer should not be writing up anyone. There maybe onetime you may need water that quick, so practice this could someday help. But how do you explain and injury.

In years past we have completed the ladder drill around one minute +. But this is with a older ladder not the slow ones today.
Did you ever get your 30 water drill resalved?
Hi Pete, It's all pretty much the same as I described. Management still has it in their head that this is the way to go. Throwing safety and every established principle of firefighting out the window - size up, proper placement, firefighter safety - They still think that getting water to the nozzle in thirty seconds will make better firefighters. Let's not worry where the actual fire is, or if we have to move lines, getting a charged line to the door is priority. Oh, Did I mention, if it doesn't get done in thirty seconds the do it over? It's clear this is only for ORI and MEI purposes. Plus, They write up Guys for either not using proper PPE or slowing up the Drill by helping Brother firefighters. Isn't our Federal Fire Service great?


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