Any one here from the navy fire yet?

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jesus we won enough trophies to cover old station 1 and the chiefs office. cant believe its just sitting there now.
We are saving it, We may need Tolet paper soon.. NO MONEY you know :)
same old story with the no money thing i guess its contagious, and this soon after the new year has begun. well, guess that means we'll be stealing stuff from other buildings on base again... you don't even want to know what happened to all those old trophies man... when they moved into the new station back in '04 they all pretty much disappeared. and yeah, we can't believe the safety house is just sitting there too, we want to use it, just will not let us for some reason. oh, and if you knew frank barrow he just made deputy chief yesterday. good man for the job. smartest man i know too i guess so we'll see how things go.
not sure I remember frank.
Im really not surprised by trophies vanishing. Sid Booze was very proud of his competition teams and we worked our asses off...but new regimes want to set their own agenda and those things happen. I would love to have a few of them if they are gone tho.
yeah, you can still find a few of the biggest most prestigious ones on display in the rear hall at the new headquarters, but the rest of them will never be seen again. sorry. we do want to get the competition team started again. we just need to be able to say, no, your no going to be on it to a few people, which will not happen and i'm not interested in going to a competition and getting embarrassed by some volly dept. who practices one night a week when we can practice several hours every other day.
Navy fire here
Navy Region NW ENG63INE on scene.
Just a question, did any one get a new gas grill from NRMA in the last 8 months? We have been told it’s not ethical..... Also no personal computers, or driving apparatus to the GYM... I thought Navy fire wanted us to be physically fit??? We have found some info to possibly stop their actions on these items but are looking for other sites problems.
We've been allowed to go to the gym (as of one week ago) and that's all...No computers in rooms yet...
I just logged on and am at Navy Region NW, Bremerton. We are a 3 battalion, 9 station department.
Cool welcome sean.
As you have read or might want to read all the pages in this thread you will see our struggles and grips with regionalization on the east coast. Was wondering if you are or have experienced the same problems out there. If so does it get any better? So far I can say from my perspective, the regional chiefs and admirals are more concerned about a uniform then gettting the men on the floor the essentials, equipment, keeping moral, and healthy living conditions, hose. The list goes on.

How many requesition forms are piled up on your district chiefs desk?
We regionalized before I started but as I understand it, it was not as seamless as expected. But yes i guess it has gotten better nad worse. We are struggling with a real moral problem here. We are arguing over a proposed schedule change to the 48/72. Most of our guys are for it but there are some still against. The inspectors my be headed to a 40 hour work week and then spend the remaining 16 hours on the floor. That is not gong over well. Our Chief does not care. Moral is not his concern, only looking good for CNI. Sorry I am ranting, thanks for the note and good luck.


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