Any one here from the navy fire yet?

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NAS Corpus Christi, TX

Started with the Navy at NAS Dallas now closed and also with NAS Pensacola in early 90's.
hey allen, how are things in corpus? been getting a bit of rain lately? anybody you know from pensacola that might still be here?
Welcome Allen, How are things down your way?
Well the whole we are one department thing with the midatlantic region just flew out the window. Cox is a fake, fony, and could quite possibly be a bigger smoke and mirror bull shi**er then benny bud or the hill billy he replaced. Midlant your a joke so much for not having the good old boy club huh steve? Hey thanks for asking the north if we wanted to help with going out west. It wouldn't have mattered you called all the chiefs north less then 24 hours before you sent ten of the good old boys to make your sorry you know what look good.
Thanks Chief!!!!!
Chief Daniels used to be my roomie. Not sure who's left besides him.
well thought we were going out west and now looks like we arent.
So things are pretty dead her, but we jsut picked up auto aid with the city so may get interesting soon.
Allen that’s great, We have had AMA for years, One of our engines take-in every fire in about 5-10 miles on a working fire, the truck and 2nd engine go out if its a 2nd or 3rd. It’s good for the guys right now, the base has been a little slow this year, Due to all the new construction. But should pick up next year. But I think all the bases are slow also due to the war, less people means less calls. But the command does not realize this, they think that Fire prevention and safety training is working. As we all know it will pick up when everyone comes home. But I hope you guys are keeping the battle going, don’t give into every new thing. Not all of them are the right thing, review them, research. Don't just jump on them. We have found that many of the new BIG idea's we have tried years ago and failed or just a big waist of money. Just look at the regionalization at least up here it been a failure, or severely one sided. They say we are one department, But that has proven false. But stay safe. Talk to you later
hey allen, yeah daniels is still around, hopefully retiring soon like everyone else in his class. we did get the whole west is needing help and were going to send some guys from the southeast but it never happened after they got our hopes up. mutual aid has slowed abit lately in pcola as well but should pick up in a week or two when the weather stays cooler...
Found on the web- a DOD artical.
Mid-Atlantic Region Firefighters Head to California

Monday, October 29, 2007

By Cathy Heimer, Naval Air Station Oceana Public Affairs

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (NNS) -- With just 12 hours notice, the Navy Mid-Atlantic Region Fire and Emergency Services Department mobilized a team of eight firefighters from across the Hampton Roads area to deploy to San Diego.
They will assist with fighting the massive and numerous fires which have been ravaging the Southern California area. The eight volunteers left the morning of Oct. 24 from the Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana flightline.When the call went out late in the evening of Oct. 23, "We had no shortage of volunteers," said Mid-Atlantic Region District Fire Chief Ken Snyder, who works at Oceana.
"We solicited volunteers, and had ample volunteers from the region. Then it was a matter of finding transportation to go from the East Coast to the West Coast," Snyder said.
Among the eight volunteers from Oceana, Norfolk Naval Station, Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek and Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, there were two battalion chiefs, a fire captain and five firefighters. One of the volunteers is also a paramedic and another one is hazardous material technician.
The firefighters are expected to remain in the San Diego area for up to 21 days. They will be staying at one of the Navy Southwest Region's fire stations and are expected to provide fire protection from one of the base's facilities, enabling the Southwest Region's firefighters to assist fighting area fires.
Coordination with Oceana's Air Operations Department and luck played major roles in getting the firefighters out so quickly. Strike Fighter Squadron 34 was scheduled to board a flight to NAS North Island in San Diego on Oct. 24 and there would be a few seats left on a C-40 aircraft - enough for the eight firefighters and their gear.
"Everything fell into place to make the deployment happen," said Snyder.
Firefighters packed their own firefighting equipment, including suits, helmets and boots, breathing apparatuses, all structural gear, along with sleeping essentials such as pillows, blankets and sleeping bags.
Nearly all those heading to the West Coast have families with young children who they would leave behind but firefighter, Lt. Aaron Densley from Naval Station explained, "The families support what we're doing. We want to go out and help any way we can."
Another volunteer from Norfolk Naval Station, Capt. Michael S. Wise echoed the group's feelings about volunteering for the mission when he said, "Just about all firemen you come in contact with would be willing to help; to do what's needed to be done."
"They need relief there so badly and we've always done this -- anytime another fire service puts the call out. Others put the call out - we respond!" Lt. Will Stratton, from Oceana's fire station.
Stratton is well acquainted with the relief efforts of the region's fire and rescue services. He's not just a third generation firefighter, he's the third generation to work out of the Oceana fire station. His father retired as fire captain and his grandfather is also is retired firefighter.
"I always wanted to be a firefighter and I always wanted to work here," said Stratton.
NAS Oceana Commanding Officer, Capt. Mark Hunter visited the Oceana flightline shortly before the volunteers' 11:30 a.m. departure, to thank them for their service.
"I greatly appreciate you stepping up to do this. The folks out there are suffering. It's a tough battle. I wish you the best of luck," he said.
But providing extra manpower for the Southern California fires was not the first time Mid-Atlantic Region firefighters have deployed to assist those in the middle of a disaster. Immediately following Hurricane Katrina, several volunteers headed to the Gulf Coast to assist their counterparts for several weeks.
"These guys look out for each other. This is truly a regional fire department and being able to share our assets is just part of the job,"
"Truly a regional fire department" HORSE SH*T!!! The only regional fire department are the bases surrounding NOB. Smoke and mirrors boys. Look out the window if you haven't realized it yet, The scenery hasn't changed.
Rodney and I worked together at NAS Dallas in the late 80's when I was a 20 year old pup. I went to NASP in 91 and stayed for about 18 months, then went back to Dallas and got married. Kinadwish Id stayed at P'cola now. Made LT before Rodney with the Airt Force, but base closed and ended up in GA with the ARMY, ugh.
Had a great time in Florida tho when I was there. There were some greast guys there when I did my time. Do you guys still do the Competition teman and Safety House??? I was a big part of both programs in my time there.
hahaha, great article, we threw it in the garbage when we got it
hey allen,
we still have the fire safety house, completely rebuilt it about 4 years ago, but it isn't being used, thats another story that i'm not privaledged enough to hear all of yet. they wanted to put together at team for the big espn firefighters challenge that they have but i laughed and never heard any thing more of it...we haven't entered any local competitions in the last few years but hopefully that will change next year...


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