Jesus Murphy people...this might be a first, I'm normally being HOUNDED by our membership to host a FASNY training class, yet here I am with 7 "Firefighter Combat/Rules of Engagement" classes and 4 "Lightweight Construction for Emergency Responders" classes to place and the silence is absolutely deafening.

If your department would like to host a training class, and you're not requesting a program in a county where I've already placed one (Dutchess, Jefferson (or is it Lewis? I can't keep them straight), Saratoga, Erie and Washington are all spoken for, scheduled, or pending) then by all means....SPEAK UP.....

The FF Combat Class is all about risk assessment, incident management and decision making, and discussing when it's feasible to enter a structure's a 3 hour weeknight class.

Lightweight Construction is pretty's a three hour WEEKEND class, which means either Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

If you're interested in hosting at your department, drop me a line either here or at my work email (

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Let me guess the brothers from Kingsburry beat us all to the punch for Washington county? Are there dates yet for the two classes in Washington county? And locations if not k-burry. Have you checked with S.Glens Falls about hoasting for Saratoga County? they are actually quite central for warren and Washington county if you have to go out of county.
Yup, you guessed correctly. Jim Brunelle snagged the Fire Combat class for Kingsbury Hose when I made the original announcement back on May 14. They will be offering the class (which IS open to outside departments) on Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 7:00 pm. Tom Tracy and the South Glens Falls FD are hosting the Lightweight Construction program on Sunday, Sept. 21--we're still firming up a start time, but it will be no later than a 1:00 pm start time.
Can you email me the particulars and I'll check w/ our Chief, I'm sure we can work something out for all of them. send it to
So whats your beef with us "hosting" the class? Don't like us, or our building? Sounds like you have an axe to grind and I'd love to discuss it with you.
And just who is "us all"?
And if you look at a map, Washington County is more centrally located when it comes to the three counties. But just like yours,that's my little opinion.
Oh and one more thing, I am not sure how long you've lived in Washington County but there is only one "r" in Kingsbury.
Be Safe.


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