I'm thrilled to announce that FASNY will be offering two training programs this Fall:
Firefighting Concerns for Buildings With Lightweight Structural Components
Fire Combat: Rules of Engagement

The Lightweight Construction class will be offered on both Saturdays and Sundays beginning this September, 2008. This three-hour program is offered by Jim Kirsch and covers the following: Wooden lightweight construction, trusses, engineered wood products (including I-beams), building design trends, test burn results and firefighting concerns through reviews of case studies. The schedule and locations is pending.

The Fire Combat program has just been contracted with VFIS, and scheduling will commence this week. FASNY will offer ten (10) programs this Fall on either a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night. (the remainder of the programs will be offered in Spring 2009). This three hour program will cover accountability and personal safety responsibility, risk management within incident management at all levels, minimum risk issues prior to entry, use and limitations of PPE, and "Rules of Engagement" on the fireground.

I'm opening that class to the members of this group first in terms of hosting the program....IF you have a location that can hold minimum 75 persons seated with tables, you have at minimum a projection screen, are willing to provide some form of refreshment for the attendees, can guarantee attendance of at least 15 of your own department members (albeit at no cost to you or them--a perk of hosting), and you are in a location that is logistically feasible for FASNY.

Stay tuned to the group page for dates and further announcements as they become available.

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I'll take "Fire Combat" for 200 points Wink.
One county down, 19 to go.

I need (in no particular order) a raise, a vacation, and a new car.

I know a great place in Ontario county for the light weight construction class.....let me know Mel!
Hey Nate,
Yeah, you guys are up at bat in the rotation---It has to be a weekend, that's the only kicker to it. The instructor is only available on Saturdays and Sundays....but you filled the room for us last time, so I hope we can pull something together.
Nice to hear from you! :)
Send me an email at the FASNY office tomorrow or Thursday and I'll get started on your scheduling.
You're in Mr. FASNY magazine contributor. I sent you an email....but I need to check my planner and the FASNY calendar first. I'll give you some dates from the office tomorrow.


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