Cruising the Netflix watch instantly list, I found a movie called, "Mother, Jugs and Speed." It's from 1974 and stars Raquel Welch, Bill Cosby, Larry Hagman, Harvey Keitel and many, many others.

It's about two rival ambulance companies completing for territory in LA and is a comedy...I'm watching it now, chuckling ...oh wow.

I have never heard of this movie, like ever...but I thought some of you other old school enthusiasts might get a laugh out of it, and I wanted to share before it disapeared!!

If you catch it, enjoy it...I sure am:^)


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Only watched parts of it (always get interupted by dispatchers or phones). It is funny as hell and is in my que on Netflix.

The roll out of the back of the ambulance was the greatest part, for me.
Love watching the movie. that movie is a classic and funny as hell.. Poor Raquel on her first run with the company....LOL
mothers ambulance was bad ass, and driving on the golf course
Mother, Jugs, and Speed has always been a favorite of mine.... The best part for me was when Raquel had to tend to a gentleman who got his penis caught in his zipper.... That poor
Jenica ,
I am glad you have found this movie,and I hope you enjoyed it ! Yes, some of us old schoolers who have been around for over 25+ years remember it well :)
Stay safe .
mother jugs and speed was awesome!
Best EMS movie ever. The bit with the Nuns is great! and the food Bill Cosby's character eats is old school EMS all the way!
One of the first movies I ever saw(still one of my favorites),along with the Towering Inferno,Emergency and Code Red,when I was little.The funny thing is how much has changed and how much is STILL the same.Going to You Tube as we speak,lol.
I worked in Colorado Springs in th 70's and I am sure someone must have based this on the 2 competing private ambulance services we had. One of the owners was a short bleach blonde, chain smoking woman who cussed like a sailor. She was right out of central casting for this movie!. This is a classic for us old school EMS guys!
Oh my gosh...Towering Inferno. I think I remember that one...I was little and it was scary, lol! Now I have to go find it...
I've watched it several times since then...I don't know how it got by me, its not like I'm that young, haha...


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