When I got discharged back in '99, the P-100 was just about to come out, we were still using OBA's & single piece FF turnouts. So for those who are still in, WHAT'S NEW on deck?!?! Tactics wise, I was still getting my butt chewed for teaching what flashover & backdrafts were... There also wasn't any understanding on how to fight fires by steaming it (fine fog into a space, then close the door). *** I had used this quite often during mass conflag drills... which blew their minds ;-) *** I also tried to get them to understand how use the escape trunks as primary entry during main space fires. My reason being, you can get to the lower level using fewer people. That way not only do you NOT have to fight your way to the lower level, but you also DON'T have personnel standing on the upper levels in all that HEAT & SMOKE!!!! Please let me know what you think & what changes have been made.... TCSS, Ric

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When I got out in '94, we were using one piece FF turnouts for mainspace fires, and were wearing our dungarees/coveralls for any other fires we encountered(tuck the pants into your boots, long sleeves, and button the collar). Man that sounds dangerous know that I am thinking about it.
We use Scott SCBA's nowadays, but I was in barely long enough to dabble with OBA's. Not fun! We've gotten rid of a lot of things in the past couple'a years... APC in the gallies just a few months ago. And that's Navy wide... as for tactics... those change with every new batch of ATG riders. Every training cycle they come out with a new, "improved" way to relieve the nozzleman. It's great. lol.
Well Ric, We have up graded our TIC's, have portable AFFF extinghisher, Water Mist sprinkling in main spaces(LPD 17 Class), Halon is going out and FM-200 is coming in. We have berthing sprinkler systems and we figured out how to keep SOPV's from burning up so much. NAVSEA came up with a smaller eductor to use with the P-100. We upgraded our training also. The fire on the GW burned from the 7th deck to the main and we did not kill one firefighter. Well done to GW crew or BZ for us old timers. Anyway, you all be safe out there. If you are at sea and need DC tech assist, feel free to contact at (john.d.rose.ctr@navy.mil)
Have a nice Dc day.


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