Being a fire investigator, inspector and self proclaimed radio geek, I marvel at the amount of radios that are being installed in Chief's cars of late. I saw an SUV the other day with 10 radios in it. Now I am not an expert BUT. Is it not a little sensory overload to have 10 radios on all at once??? That also does not include cell phone, PDA, Computer, Satellite radio and OHHH ya this one had a DVD player built in.
I think we are missing the point of inter-operability. We need to be safe out there.
A chief that has 10 radios going at the same time is NOT hearing the message.
That is my opinion I could be wrong. Let me know what you think.

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From My departments operational point of view I could see having up too 3 vhf mobile radios. Here is why.
If he was working a fire as the incident commander one radio would be left on the main dispatch channel. The second on the fire ground channel and if the incident was upgraded to a mabas box alarm the third would be on IFERN which is used to talk to the mabas dispatch center and units responding to his incident. Now through in a tender operation and you need another fire ground channel. That's when We move from the buggy to the command van. Right now Both chiefs buggies are setup with a single radio up front two radios in the back and portables are used for fireground or to talk to dispatch. Our first out engine has two mobile radios in case the the first in engine company officer has to assume a positional command post. Also is great when we are responding to a change of quarters on a box alarm we can stay on ifern and monitor the main dispatch channel. Also if we are responding to a fire we can monitor the fire ground channel and listen to operations as we approach to get a heads up of whats going on.


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