Okay, this is for all you EMT's and Paramedics. Have you ever witnessed to a dying patient in your rig while in route to the hospital? Or any patient at all? Or are we afraid something will be said and we'll get in trouble or upset the patient? I know for me, I will usually pray for the patient without them knowing it. There have been times though that a patient has been telling me about their problems and I will gradually lead the conversation towards my faith and trust in Christ. How about the rest of you?

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I have prayed with patients, shared the word with patients. I find it much easier to share the gospel with strangers I just meet from responding to 911, then sharing it with my fellow brothers and sisters at the fire house un till lately. I have seen god's grace through patintents and strengthend my faith because of them. I have personely seen pt's start a walk with Christ because I invited them to a easter egg hunt for their kids. Later I ran into the pt's husband and he thanked me for sharing Christ with his wife and thanked me in front of my crew. God will use in any way he can. Be warrior for Christ and let him use as a sword, to pierce the heart of the lost. If I lose my job because I spoke of Christ. So Be It! He died on the cross, so I can return to my Father.
start by praying. God wants us to have a personal relationship with him. that seems to be a good start. keep the faith and walk in the light.

be safe

I feel like God put me in EMS so that through my actions, i could either lead people to Christ before the inevitable happens, or help put them on the path. plant the seed as we've heard it called. that testimony you gave, as i read it, i chuckled when you said you happened to have a Bible with you, but then as i finished reading it, i got goosebumps all over. it's amazing what a powerful God we serve.

Thanks for sharing and God bless!
You know, I agree with Mr. Duell about the little things having a profound impact. Sometimes that quick smile, that extra second taken to give quick directions to the hospital to a spouse or family member or holding a little old ladys hand while en route to the hospital are the only evidence of our faith we are able to show for a number of reasons. While I am not by any stretch a saint or even a good example of a good example, I want to try to take that extra step when possible.
Hi Mark, When I have found myself in the position you identify here, I usually tell the victem I am going to offer a prayer. I make my hand available to them. If they are able, they take my hand and we pray. Then, after "Amen", they have always (without exception) smiled or nodded or thanked me. If they are unable to take my hand or respond, I just proceed as thou they were. When you are moved to prayer for someone else it is because you have been called to do it. I dont believe there can be any credible contriversy about your mission. Pastoral care is very much a real part of "Patient Care". We need all the good shepards. Keep up the fine work. Yours in faith, Pete
I was thinking of this sometime ago. I was reading Prayer of Jabez' book at that time. I said to myself, if ever my appointment have come, how can I share and let him/her accept and believe that Christ alone is enough as his/her personal saviour even when he/she only has 50/50 chance of living? Anyone here can give me and advise on how I start the conversation?


Stay safe and God Bless you all!!!


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