I understand we all like TV shows, movies and such that have anything to with our professions as EMS and Firefighters, why wouldn't we. BUT, when I say I'm a Christian and I see something that is totally against all I believe and understand in scripture, I'm told to run away from it, not dwell on it and soak it in. I have seen some short clips of Rescue Me. I sure was disappointed, as I normally am when there is a show that I think might be interesting. It usually has all the crap in it that doesn't have to be. Don't get me wrong, I do watch some programs that might have a few cuss words here and there and a short "hot scene" here and there that I'm not aware of. But when I know that a program is going to constantly have this stuff in it and pushing the envelope, I as a follower of Christ should not be participating in it. So I guess my question is why are some of us that profess to be followers of Christ watching this program? What scripture says there are exceptions to the rule? Let alone this may cause a stumbling block for younger Christians. Just thought I would throw this out here for discussion and meat to chew on. Keep looking up!

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If you keep yourself as busy as I do you don't have time to watch tv, so you are not as tempted. And when I do watch tv it is usually something I watch with my boys so it is rate under 7, funny I know but there are other things we can do besides sitting in front of the tv.
Hey I agree with you all around. I hope I didn't send the impression that that is all I do. I spend more time on the computer than TV and I'm lucky if I get a chance to do that! I have more than enough to keep me busy!!

This has been the rule of thumb for our family as far as the TV watching goes. Let alone we have certain channels locked out. Its not like we get a ton of channels to begin with! 13 maybe if we are lucky.

Thanks for your comment Mary. Stay safe and Keep looking up!
I have to agree with you. I tried to watch it a coulpe of times, but the absolute filth and obscene language, left me feeling like I had done something wrong. I just don't watch it because it drug me down the times I did view it.
I remember when it was being previewed before the very first episode. One FDNY member told me about it. We watched on our opposite coasts. After the airing of the first show he called me and we discussed it. The first episode had meaning. It had stuff in it that was coarse, etc. But it was real and portrayed deep struggles not onlike what this friend was going through at that time. But that was the only episode I watched all the way through. I tried a time or two after but could not due to the content. Not the way I want to view members of the fire service.
I agree. Besides not really caring for the main character as an actor, I was very disappointed in the content of the program. After the first couple of episodes I realized that it wasn't going to get any better, and haven't watched it since. I know we live in the real world, and as fire/rescue people we have to deal with the fallout of sin or bad choices every day, but we don't need to see it dramatized on tv.
I have to agree with you all. Its not the proper things to be watching and shouldn't be on tv. I watched about 15 minutes of the 1st show and decided right then I didn't like it. If you want to see a good FF show go to www.thebattalion.tv they are trying to get their episodes brought to tv and have a "cops" style show for FF's, its interesting and real life responses. Keep the Faith and God Bless each of you. Mike.


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