Whats up guys? I'm looking for a 5' New York Roof hook. I was wondering if anyone had one in their possession. I am going to be making a Vulcan Hook or as some people know, a Farr Barr, I already have a haligan that I am willing to destroy.

And to make this more than a classified ad, What is your favorite tool to grab off the truck and go to work?

Mine is the 5' Vulcan Hook. I have used it a bunch of times and it has never let me down. If I do not have access to that tool a 5 or 6 foot NY hook and a haligan.

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I am sorry but I am at a loss what is a Vulcan hook? I have never heard of one. How a bout a little knowledge sharing?
It is a 5' NY roof hook with a fork end of a haligan bar on the bottom. great for pulling, prying, and a great roof tool. see attached picture above to get the idea. it was originally designed by FDNY Rescue 2. Kentland has a detailed history on their website.
Nothing like adding more bar to a halligan to get more leverage. Archimedes said, "give me a fulcrum and a lever large enough and I can move the world". Mick the Hammer is saying, "Give me a halligan with some more bar to it and I could bust some stuff up". It's all good.
when i step off the truck i like to grab either the irons or a 6 ft new york hook. i love the way the hook rips ceilings and walls apart.
I agree I like the Ny Hook or the Irons, but hey I am always open to new tools and suggestions. Our NY. hook is 5 ft instead of 6, we found it works better for us in mobile home fires.
hey how do you make one of theese hooks.
take an all steel NY Roof hook cut the chisel end off and weld the fork end on
Go to the source ..... Kid in a candy store stuff @ http://www.firehooksunlimited.net
andget what you want , the way you want it... from the guys who designed and or perfected the designs ... Fire hooks Unlimited was started By FDNY guys for FDNY guys and has never looked back.. Kelly tools, pro bars, as well as hybreds ofmany of them, check out the tools listing.. on the sight ,,, its an education..I've owned a 5' NY "tower ladder" with D ring handle hook for 25 years it and the irons are my favorites ... The angled side of the hook is stellar for those kneewall attic with T&G flooring or beadboard, T 1-11, plywood sheathing, as well as plaster and lathe, tin ceilings... etc. and the D works great on sheetrock and punching holes
We tried those guys out when we put trash hooks on all of our engines (hey, they should be able to hook all that garbage at 0300 too) and we were really satisfied. If you need a specialty hook, they're definitely the ones to go to.
I love a closet hook. If i had to say .....that would be my favorite took to grab for a fire.
Hey folks, you can never tell what will be the best tool for any particular building or fire. That being said, If I draw primary search, I'll take an old hook that I've cut down to 4 feet long, if ladder and roof then a New York hook, if floor above then irons. The one thing all of these situations have in common is the fact that in addition to all of the above mentioned tools the one thing I will have shoved into my R&R ladderman belt is an 8 pound sledge hammer. I find it to be a great all around tool to have inside.


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