I haven't had a chance to look it over yet, but my brother (he's a truckie too)forwarded this link to me over the last week which looks as if it should have some serious value to you all out there: the FDNY Forcible Entry Guidebook.

It's a large file, or I'd just post it. So, let's look it over and discuss...

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Scratch that- this is a MUST READ. Just the first chapter on the history of FDNY forcible entry stuff is outstanding in itself. The rest of the information is great and should be used for training personnel, but I loved some of the history, which coming from the sources themselves is excellent.
Mick, I've been reading this on and off for the past few days as I've been a tad busy, but so far this article is UNREAL. Its not only good to know what tools and techniques are used, but its also great to know the history behind them. I'm going to be starting the Instructor 1 class in a week or two and I'm hoping I'll be able to use this as the class I have to teach for practicals. A big thanks to you and your brother for providing this article to the Truckie Nation!
Yeah, and a special thanks to Matt Tobia from Anne Arundel Co. Fire for forwarding it to us (turns out that's where my bro got it from). This is good stuff.
Thanks. Great find! I'm emailing it to our training battalion. Sure this will make it's way to all our station's reference shelves shortly.
Glad you enjoyed it. I certainly did as well as some of the other stuff from this thread. Let's keep it rolling- anyone else got good stuff to share?
I can't wait to dig into this. Just skimmed threw and it looks like a great tool..
Stay safe!
Hi there people!

It seems that the "FDNY Forcible Entry Guidebook" is not anymore available for downloading.
Would please someone be kind enough to share a downloadlink for the guidebook?

Thank you very much in advance!
Let me see what I can do- it's a decent sized file, so just sending it via e-mail to you wouldn't work well.
I just checked out Georgios' report that this link was bad and it is. If anyone knows of a new and improved link to the FDNY Forcible Entry Guidebook, please share it with the truckie brothers here. I'll post this to the main feed as well.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I just came home and read your post! The file is secure in my laptop already.
I will also make sure it is going to be available in the future, by uploading
in a download server.

Cheers! :)
Good stuff. I was just replied to Jim's post on the VES thread and was getting ready to talk about it over here and saw he had already done it. Check out that other link too- the Long Beach Fire Training site.


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