When I was a career Truckie our engine that shared the house was having a training meeting upstairs and we took all their turn out coats and our boot and stepped in chalk and then put foot prints on the back of all their coats. We had a still alarm at about 4 am and when the chief pulled up and saw engine 11 standing out front with foot prints all over their backs he could say only one thing? Move faster or the truck guys will keep steeping over you!!! Yes our chief was an ex step man as well.

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I didn't do this one although I wish I had: another Captain took an old pump impeller and threw it under the engine, then poured transmission fluid all over it and threw in a few nuts and bolts for dressing. When he came back later there were four pairs of feet sticking out from under the engine trying to figure out what happened.
I knew an old Major (District Chief) in Louisville who used to say that "he'd rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother on a pumper". Yes, I spent some time on a pumper, (though it was a quint), but my best years in the StLFD were the 5 on H&L 15 and the 6 on RS2 (just like a truck with no ladder, but we still search and destroy stuff!) Now I'm at ARFF, well, can't have everything!
Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. But it's what's in your heart that counts and so long as when someone asks you "can you open this for me", you are thinking, "where do you want the hole?", you are probably still a truckie. Or if someone puts you in an empty, locked room with two ball bearings, you break one and lose the other, you are probably a truckie. As a matter of fact, this has now officially become a thread (stand by)...
You got that right brother!!! Irons forever! (And a K-12 to back it up)
After hurting the eng. co. feeling over and over we decied to make a official report for those sensitive little water fairies.
HAHAHA that my friend is amazing.... this economy better get better soon so i can get hired do my time on the waterbabies mobile and get to a paid truck company lol. Truckie by heart, volunteer by force :(.
lol ok i got one guys so the guy on our department that is in charge of vehicle maintaince is a true water baby so me and my two other friends who are hardcore truckies go up to him and tell him one of the pipes under the engine is leaking. We sparied the floor with water so it was wet and he would have to lay in it. Then when he went under to look at it and hes like well i dont see anything leaking but everything does look a little wet. As soon as he said wet we opend up the drain valve that he was under and totally soaked him in the left over water in the pipe! He yells Son of B*tch! smashes his head on the pipe and scrambles out from under the engine. We go see told you! If you were a truckie you wouldn't need to worry about that stuff!
Throwing water on the engine when its below freezing...the the truck usually thaws out around august

Not helping pack hose

Whats the "2" on the back of your truck mean?......"you're the second due truck"

Reminding everyone that in backdraft, Dennis McCaffrey was a truckie and the movie is LADDER 49 not engine 33

anybody got any cute truck company sayings to share?
Hi there, unlucky for us here in Pretoria fire dept, South Africa we have to do both. Truck and engine.
We have already stoled the line that was laying on the front porch as the engine company was masking up. The look on their faces was priceless.. LOL... Made the knock on the fire and then handed the line back to them, as we went on to vent. I know it is taboo for a truckie to be handling more then 2.5 gal. of water at a time .......LOL...


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