Need to get this group going! What team(s) do you root for? Me, diehard Yankees fan!

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Oh Lisa. I'm sorry. The Yankees used to be the best team money can buy. Now they're just old. I gotta say, though, I've always liked Joe Girardi. He was one of my favorite players. His intensity is unmatched. In the same breath, however, I have to say I hate the Yankees (nothing personal). Being born and raised here on the west coast, I'm a big Giants fan even though I hate Barry Bonds. I also like the Braves because that's my wifes favorite team. I coach baseball and try to emulate Bobby Cox as often as I can. He has alot of fun because he loves this game so. The way he's always smiling and coming up with cool nicknames for his players, he's everything I think a manager should be. All laughs until he needs to stand up for his guys. That's the reason he leads the league in ejections. Anyway, I also pick a team to get behind, every year, who I'd like to see make the playoffs. This year its the Cubs. I guess you can say I have a thing for the underdog. Thanks for a cool group. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you guys. Peace!
Tim, didn't take it personally, used to people hating the Yankees. As for the Giants and Braves, I'm more of an American League fan. I agree with your hatred for Barry Bonds! It's wonderful that you emulate Cox, good role model. As for the Yankees, they're not all old now, good mix between the veterans and newbies this year I think. Hated to see Torre go although I like Girardi. Will just take some getting used to.
I am a huge Braves fans, although, it is a rivalry between my brother and myself. He is a huge Yankees fan. I guess you can't agree on everything!!
I love the rivalries. A good friend of mine and I go to a lot of the Orioles/Yankees games. He's a big O's fan and I'm diehard Yankees. We get along perfect though. We root for our teams without getting in each other's faces. It's nice. I can enjoy the game without all the name calling, yelling etc.
Oh, cubs fan all the way...Yankees can kiss my a??. They spend all the money, figure they own baseball....BS... but hey, thats just my opinion.
Now thats what I'm talking about Johnny Bravo 644......CUBS ALL THE WAY
Thanks for joining the group peoples. Baseball is the best sport around....though football fans may argue. I'm big time Cubs fan, but overall I LOVE BASEBALL and wish I could be a bigger part of it. Keep the rivalries going, and lets have some fun.

Your friend.....Mike
Baseball is the best sport around. They can have their football (they have their own little group here on FFN). I used to watch football but got sick of hearing about the Ravens (they train near where I work). I never liked them even when I watched football. People complain about steroids in baseball, but football players can be involved in murder and still get away with it!!

As for your opinion about the Yankees, you're entitled to your opinion and I dont' hold it against you or take offense. My niece once asked me why, if we live in Maryland, do I route for a New York team. My answer, that's the beauty of living in this country. You can like whatever team you like, and enjoy the freedom to do so!! I was actually born there, but raised just outside Baltimore. Didn't get into baseball until about 10 years ago and I just took to the Yankees. Actually going to all three of the games this weekend against the O's. Camden Yards is a nice ballpark. Only hate one team in baseball, the Red Sox! I actually wouldn't have a problem with the O's if it weren't for the fact they are in the same division with the Yankees.

Take care and I look forward to more discussion with this group!!
Well, JoAnn, everyone is entitled to route for their favorites, even the Sox! Nothing wrong with some friendly rivalry!
was born and raised in OK, but am a huge DODGERS fan. Sorry to all who like the Yankees,but we all have character flaws.LOL I played for15 years and believe baseball is the best way to teach leadership and responsibility to our litlle ones. So i Volunteer and coach litlle league.
Hope this thread stays active....c u at the ballpark.
Were gonna win Twins, Were gonna score. Were gonna win Twins whats that baseball score. Root for the Minnesota Twins today. I would have to say the Twins. What a great sweep this weekend. Took 3 for Detroit. Had to come back for a six run deficit after one. AL Central should be a tight one this year. Do not see a team that can run away right now.

Well, the AL East is nothing to write home about, hope they get more interesting. And to Clint, Hope Torre and Mattingly do well with the Dodgers, hate how they were treated in the end by the Yankees management.
Don't forget to vote for your All Stars!
Take care!


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