"Keeping Tradition Alive" Pride in ownership, and other fancy College terms

The  Yellow Oak was  hose  bed  from  Engine 4 in the house   all the tools  Came  from  Truck  3  which was Closed in 1995 the Company  was moved  into  3's  house in 1890-1983 when  They moved 4  blocks  north.  The old  station  was  located On the corner OF  PT Barnum's winter grounds (still standing) and  Engine 4  was  from The  Old  Chemical 2's  house a Block  north. The Tools  are some  ancient oddities of truckwork.. Bit  & Brace for  dewatering floors an A&E   door opener a piece of rebar  from  La' Biancehirise collapse in 1987 on either end are  1/4  boards  with photos  of  the truck in history The  maltese  is  cut of  Red Oak Plywood frontpieces  from each  company housed  and  Pike poles  and  Claw tool...


There' s  a Chief in Texas,  Who's Retired now  who wrote a book about that subject , I have never read it and never attended  his Honor guard's annual   "how to"  KTA  symposium... Me and 3 or 4 other guys Did our own  thing In a time when there were  about  12  Bands  IN the world  who were Firefighters  playing the bagpipes & Drums...   I was assigned  to a house built in 1913  and it had  Horse  stalls the officers   gear corner was  the hay chute  from the loft etc ... I moved into a 3 drive through Bay  station  of Cinder blocks  painted Puke  yellow  No windows ,,,, so,

 One  day I was thinking how nice it would be to find the "companies  Orginal houses"  a touch of   history for the cinder blocks.... doing some discussion with  some of the older guys and legacy guys one  day got me headed in a direction and   got them going in a direction as well... They  Formed  a Historical society ,  rescued   the 1971  ALF rearmount  the  Mack L model pump  that  had been assigned there and a 2nd  L model  that was in private hands nearby... imagine  from a single conversation what  Can come of it....

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