Hey guys ime havving alot of trouble finding info on Dodge and GMC hybrids and/or trucks i have alot of info to upload but this is dedicated to those two companies

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hi guys i got the ERG (Emergency Response Guide) for the Chrysler Aspen and the Dodge Durango i plan to have the important info up asap i plan to read it tonight an hope to have it posted tomorrow.
For most of you the biggest thing to know is how to disable the 154.3pound 288volt high volt battery located under the back seat first off there is an automatic shut off that should be triggered in case of a accident if this does not happen or to be on the safe side
step 1. Turn the ignition off by doing this you open the main main contactors and the discharge capacitors are initiated.
step 2. Disconnect or cut the 12volt negative battery cable this battery is located under the hood in the engine compartment on the driver side if you chose not to cut you can release the connector by depressing the latch and pulling the connector, by disconnecting the 12volt battery you should also disable the supplemental restraint system (SRS) (KEEP IN MIND the the SRS may remain powered up for up to two minutes after the vehicle is disabled and that it may take up to 5minutes for the high voltage system).
if need-be there is a manual shut off/disconnect of the high voltage system under the back seat (service disconnect) on the driver side under the back seat there is a bright orange plastic disconnect (i don't have any more info on how to operate the manual disconnect)

any more questions please ask ill do my best to get you the answers
both the Aspen and the Durango have side curtain airbags so remember PPBP (Pry and Peak Before you Purchase

Also NOTE: the high voltage cables run along the center of the vehicle but remember in an accident these can be be ripped from there brackets and an can be just about any where.

NEVER CUT any high voltage cables

In case of fire you can use water or dry chem smothering agent the excessive heat may cause hydrogen to be formed from the high voltage battery pack.

IC's it is recommended that you not tow the hybrids and that a flat bed is used because there is no selectable "neutral" position in the transfer case

Also i forgot to add that all high voltage battery cables are BRIGHT ORANGE

stay safe out there guys I'm here to help in any way i can
if you are looking for the ERG's go to www.code4.com.... click on the training page and then go to the downloadable ERG's that may be of some help to you.

Stay safe
The Durango and Aspen are no longer in production.


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