What kind of turn out gear do you all use?
Mine is :
-Body-Guard coat and pants.
-Cairns Metro 660C helmet
-Black Diamond leather boots

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Like I said I have only seen one of them and I was impressed with how light it was.  Does it offer the eye protection that slide up inside the helmet or just a face shield or bourkes?



I just bought a N5A twenty pound leather helmet because I am a silly whacker.  I am not sure what whacker is but it probably applies. 

That i couldnt tell you. I have only seen the two options.

They say the first step to a cure is recognizing the problem.


I had an original N5A with no impact liner or ratchet back before you were born in 1982.  Then in 1992 I had a N6A Sam Houston leather helmet complete with impact liner and ratchet.  I would take another original N5A right now today and use it.  As for the new generation N5A and N6A, no thank you.  They are heavy and far too expensive for what they offer.  If you never wore an original leather N5A you have nothing to compare it to. 


By the way, the reality is they weigh around 4 pounds give or take.

 I was not aware they changed them.  Yeah I probably should have went with the ben 2 or the phenix, better protection for less money, wow I kind of feel silly now after writing that.  I already created a stir with a traditional helmet in a dept. of metro helmets so it kind of seems like a lose, lose now. 

Sperian Coat and Pants, Ranger boots, Bullard UST6 Traditional helmet, Shelby gloves, MSA SCBA. I was lucky enough to get a brand new set of gear when I joined the vol dept I'm on. I started with an old helmet and got the UST when I got my state certification.


Enjoy the helmet.  There is a certain amount of tradition that goes along with them.  At this point in my life I just can't see spending the money to have another one.  Both because I find them damn heavy and because I am absolutely brutal on equipment.  They get repeated fires in the burn tower, acquired structures, and then incidents.  Sad to say my "plastic' traditional look a likes have held up to the test much better.

Having a leather helmet doesn't make you a wacker by itself.  But it may be part of why you are a wacker!!  LOL!!

I had the Black Diamond for a couple years. They were great. I switched to Haix and will never go back though.

I liked our Bristol...just get the better cloth some of our ripped kinda easy!


We used Nomex Delta-T for our Bristol gear.

Morning Pride coat & Pants

Morning Pride Ben 2 helmet with flip down


Ranger boots

Pro-tech 8 Gloves

Ringer Extrication gloves (yellow & black)

leather suspenders


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