Ok you get issued a number when you join your department of course the chief is usually 101 asst. 102 and so forth 101-109 on our dept. is for officers  after that the numbers really dont matter. I noticed on other departments it may be different how does it work on yours? I am 116.

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In our department 11-19 are explorers. 20-99 are firefighters. For officers, they go by the # of the FD. So the chief is 23, 1st chief is 2301, and 2nd is 2302. Captain is 2304, 1st captain is 2305, and 2nd is 2306. Lt is 2307, 1st Lt is 2308, and 2nd Lt is 2309. Thats is. Plain and simple.
Mine is 529(on turnout coat & pants)for the fire dept.,Roster Numbers issued to members by the fire district when approved by the commissioners for membership,we all have these numbers accordingly to when we got in.All chief's use thier raido call signs on the air,different from there Roster Number.

For the EMS Squad I'm "Pager 49"This is also my roster number there aswell,and is my raido call sign,when responding to or at the hall.
My town (And the towns around us) Use a Distric number of sorts. Ours is 9, the town across the River is 1, and the other town is 3, ect.

Out truck numbers, and fire numbers run on the same idea.

Mine is 929.

There are no real Designated numbers for officers. Accpt the "Grand Pubahs"

Asst Chief-902
Dept Chief-904
(903 was Retired)

Our trucks are 91,92,93,94,97,98.
The only people in my county to have numbers are officers. xx-50 or xx-51 is chief, In my department the cheif is 35-50 asst. chief 35-51 2nd asst chief is 35-52. Captains are 35-53 and 35-54 Lieutenants are 35-55, and 35-56.
The 50 numbers are for officers, xx-11 through xx-19 is an engine, xx-21 to xx-29 is ladder/tower. Xx-31 to xx-39 is tankers, xx-41 to xx-49 are brush/rescue/and mini pumpers. xx-70 to xx-79 are EMS officers and the 80 numbers are medical trucks.
We just started the numbering system in our county, mainly because we started a new accountablity system. It is called the passport system. So far it is going well. The Chief officers that are not field personnel have had numbers for a while now. As far as field personnel go, we have just recently gotten ours. I am C-373. I am not sure how they derive what numbers we paid guys and gals are, but I do know that the volunteers that we have in the department are numbered in the order of their senority.
my number is 118
To my knowledge I think they are randomly assign. Mine is 66 so I call myself the little devil.
Around here, we already have names when we're hired, so the department doesn't issue us new ones.

We use riding assignments in the same way Kali's department does.

Numbers are a form of codes. The NIMS system wants us to get away from codes and go to standardized plain English.

Department numbers are absolutely of no consequence in the big picture, even if you're on a department that uses them.
my number is 41-129
Mine is 943.
The way it works in my dept. is only officers have full four digit numbers which is 1701- chief 1702- asst. chief 1703-1st captain 1704-2nd captain the rest of us firefighters have a two digit number which is 17 and we do not have a radio or a radio number. Again only the officers have radios or numbers but when we get to the station we have hand helds that we use on tach 1 when we are on scene.
In my central Oregon Dept(s) 550 & 570 the chief and asst. chief are # 1 and #2 after the station then capt. are station then 20's like 5521,5721 then the Lt. are 30's 5531,5731, then all others are like mine 5589, 5789.


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