Ok you get issued a number when you join your department of course the chief is usually 101 asst. 102 and so forth 101-109 on our dept. is for officers  after that the numbers really dont matter. I noticed on other departments it may be different how does it work on yours? I am 116.

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I was shocked to hear that there are fire departments that use numerals.

All fire department identifiers should use the alphabet, like the old "Truck A", "Truck B" (now Truck...well, it uses a numeral now), etc that Washington, DC used in the past.
I would like some, as well, please.
stations are 1-til you run out and firefighters are 2 digit from 10 on with chiefs and officers 0-9. so 100 would be chief and 104 would be capt. ect. everyone gets a number and stays with them till retirement and if an officer just use the officer designation. 500 -509. my number is 124. think expendentionly. if you keep on its 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 get the idea. its to slow going 1 at a time.
here in NewZealand we just get an employee number nothing flash but the i will always remember it as ling as im around , im 106314 or as it is more commonly used 6314 , we have the same for our recruit courses mine was
NBP 8588 once again something i will never forget
Our dept numbers go by 1200..1290's are officers and the rest are their hire on numbers. For instance, when I was hired on my number was/is 1235.. now that i'm a LT or the first LT out of the three of us..my number is now 1293..that's my badge number and call number.


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