Ok you get issued a number when you join your department of course the chief is usually 101 asst. 102 and so forth 101-109 on our dept. is for officers  after that the numbers really dont matter. I noticed on other departments it may be different how does it work on yours? I am 116.

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My depart is located out of the Berkshires in MA our Depart is 750 and my number is firefighter#10 and thats my portable number. our number is our equipment number and accountablilty as well and seniority plays a part in it my chief is car1 assist chief is car 2 then the firefighters we have only 25 people on my depart stay safe everyone
I am number 15.
Our Chief is 1, deputy is 2.
Most captains are in the single digits... but that is not 'cast in stone'.

We have only one of each kind of truck so we just use "(Township name) Pumper/Tanker/etc".

A near-by town uses the year of manufacture for their multiple vehicles such as "(Town name) 98 Pumper and 08 Pumper" to diferentiate which vehicle is responding.
Don't know how I missed this discussion. I'm #1. (Trust me.)
On our dept, the Chief and Admin Staff have their own numbering system, 111, 131 & 170 similar to other departments in the county, but as far as the rigs are concerned, it's as follows, example, I'm on Engine 14, so there's: Officer 14, I'm Engineer 14, FF's are 14-A & 14-B, at the end of the shift, the radios get passed on to the incoming crews. Our radios have digital ID's, that the Comm center sees when the radio is used. As far as FF's, we have individual badge numbers, but they are not used for radio ID's.
Angela, In the dept. that I started on my apprentice number was 116, and when I made Firefighter I got Badge #94. In the dept. that I am currently with, my ID number is 704 and my radio ID is Lt. 23 ( I run out of Sta. 23 ).
Only our Chiefs have number designators such as 16-1, 16-2, 16-3......I am 16-28 (16 Department designator and 28 is me)
We have 9 County departments. Station 1, Station 2, ect. I am at Station 6. Our trucks start with the station number, Eng 63, Tanker 65. Individuals start with 66 then their number, I am 6614. 6601 and 6602 are Chief and Asst. Chief
Your number is derived by taking your (year of birth) x age when you join / year you joined.
So if you were born in 1975 and you joined in 2000 (you would have been 25) so your number is:
1975 x 25= 49,375 / 2000 = 24.6875 Now if you're riding Eng 5 then you multiply your number by 5 so:
5 x 24.6875 = 123.4375 Now you look at the list for prime numbers and find the closet prime number to that number without going over. So the closest prime number to 123.4375 without going over it, is 113 so that is your number. If you're a chief of or officer, then you derive your number through fibonacci sequencing of the previous two numbers of rank that were lesser or equal to the number you previously had. Or you don't give a shit at all and just go out and do your job. I'm just saying.
I am number 1, but they treat me like number 2.
Some claim to have had my number for years.
You think?
1/1=1+0=1-1+1=1 or the square root of 1; whichever is greater.
I like your thinking Jack..... ;-)
We don't have Firefighter numbers, per se. My badge number is 81. My F.D. belongs to MABAS District 2 ( N/W Illinois), our Department's prefix is 6. So our Chief is 600, the two Asst. Chiefs are 601 & 602. Otherwise, we go by apparatus and riding position. If I'm the Officer on Engine 3, then I'm Engine 3A, my Engineer is Engine 3, my backstep FF's are Engine 3B & 3C.
We are district 4 here so the numbers start with the chief at 4101. The divisions go down from there. Each shift has specific numbers so if you get transfered your number changes, I really dont like the system but it is all we have. Mine by the way is 4141.


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