When I joined FFN, I had one thing in mind getting to know more people and extend my horizons as a firefighter/officer. In order to be more versatile every day I'm asking you what your favorite hand tool is and how you use it...


Please surprise me, tell me what special way you use your halligan, axe or hook. Feel free to propose tools you invented or improvements on existing ones.


I'm waiting to hear from you all...

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A 4' drywall rake. It will open a gypsum wall in no time! It also makes a great step when venting. I want to get my hands on one of Stanley's large FUBAR's. Put it through it's paces and see what it can do.
Unstopable with a set of irons!
I have to admit the fubar as good qualitys... nice weight, not to heavy but gives good striking power. And they can be found in almost every good renovation centers. Not so costly either...

But until I get the chance to put one to the test, I'll stick to my Halligan...
My favorite tool is the halligan tool. It's one of the best, most versatile tools ever made. I use them for everything: forceable entry, as a short pike pole, getting a purchase point for vehiecle extracation, etc.
I like using the baseball swing technique with the halligan, and using a flat head axe the wrong way for ventilation.
Drip torch --- fight fire with fire, Baby!
Ive seen that once, but we don't have flat head axes... maybe when replacing some old ones we could by one or two....
Can't go wrong with the Irons! Let's see. . .you can vent, force entry/exit, overhaul, purchase points for extrication, pry, tear, rip, cut and the list goes on. . .

Oh, I like the NY Hook too. . .

Looking to try the FUBAR tool, long version. I see one of the local full time dept.'s is using them.
Eric, I love flat axes. One of my best forced entries came off the flat of the axe. . .2 strikes, one above the lock, one below and wahlah, in we went! great tool.
the FUBAR's have a notch where u can use it to open a hydrant but its a little bulky so id rather stick with the hydrant wrench
My favorite tool is Billy Bob, I can get him to do most anything.
Truckman Battle Axe, for ventilation, forcible entry, confined space, extractions...... It is compact and gets the job done.

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